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Turning GS500f Into a great tourer!

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Well, the handle bars arn't stock the guy I bought it from put on one's that were called 'Low Rise' sport handlebars or something like that.

Also I could use some new clutch handles. and break handle as well.. I dropped the bike, picked it back up. And the kickstand knocked over into itself and fell on the OTHER side.. I hate hills :D anyway if anyone know's where to get new ones lemme know. Maybe some aftermarket black ones.

Not a lot of aftermarket clutch lever options for the GS other than basic replacements.
If you replace the clutch lever perch with one from a SV650 it opens up a world of options of nice adjustable lever sets. Brake levers are common.
I just fitted a pair of these to my bike with a '09 sv650 clutch perch over the weekend :D


--- Quote from: 25knots on November 04, 2011, 08:43:46 PM ---That's the squirrels spur I'm talking about... what great little road!  Also nice in that area is Highway 89 between Mt. Airy and Danbury... but if you ride around that area I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know. 

What's Doug Spur... or where is Doug Spur?  I haven't heard of that one.

--- End quote ---

66 is much better than 89  unless they dump oil on the road in the curve up by 268
doug spur is other side of BRP off of 58 over toward buffalo ridge

I tried to set mine up for touring and hauling more of my stuff.   Windscreen, tank and saddle bags, old backpack as a tail bag.  The biggest improvement was adding bar risers to handlebar mounts.  They were raised 1" up and 1" back.  This really helped with sitting position and I could go for longer where my ass and my back would not hurt as much.  I then picked up an ATV seat cover from walmart which was one of those cheap and easy add-ons.  Check out they have some, not many, but some stuff for the GS500e/f (engine guard, tail rack, risers, heated grips).  If your going to ride in the cold (which your pix don't suggest) i recommend heated grips I have Oxfords and they barely draw any power.  you can also get a pair of wind-deflectors from a Suzuki Vstrom1000, fit great on the stock perch although you might need to drill/cut a notch for the clutch cable.  extra lights might be something to look into but they will drain your battery before you know it (forget it don't do it).  But I would get new bars and or bar end weights and you might still be able to use the mirrors.  Good luck have fun!!!!!

I myself picked up a ventura bag rack from the wreckers for mine, a frggin big ventura bag on sale, tank bag, the bigger windshield and heated grips. Other than maybe a throttle lock to re leave the right wrist to me it doesn't need anything else to big a good tourer. Its great the way it is.
Sure wind deflectors and more lights would be handy but aren't required.


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