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I thought since more and more members are making excellent videos, it'd be nice to put them all together in one place to make searching easier.
PM me if you find a worthwhile GS500 tutorial and I'll update the list.

All of these videos are presented with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. They are meant to be used as a visual aide only, not as a service manual replacement. If you need a service manual, purchase one through this link (the site gets a donation):

Looking for a specific process? Hit 'control+f' and type in the keywords to search the page

Kerry's Valve Adjusting Shim video:

Fork Seal Replacement:

Replacing Rear Brake Pads:

Replacing Clutch Lever:

Replacing Brake Lever:

How to get the bike on Center-Stand:

Quick Adjustment of the Rear Suspension:

Removing front wheel:

Clutch fiber/spring replacement:

Valve Removal:

Piston Removal:

Engine Top End Rebuild pt. 1- Cylinder Head Removal:

Engine Top End Rebuild pt. 2- Cylinder Head:

Engine Top End Rebuild pt. 3- Cylinder Block (Jug):

Engine Top End Rebuild pt. 4- Final Assembly:

Compression Test:

Valve Clearance Check:

Clutch Seal Replacement:

Oil and Filter Change:

Broken Oil Filter Stud Repair:

Bleeding Brakes:

Changing Handlebars:

Steering Head Bearing:

R6 Shock Conversion:

Carb Jet Cleaning (including removal):

Valve Check/Adjustment:




Chain Cleaning, Lube, Adjust, Alignment:

Removing the Fairing:

Installing Aftermarket Exhaust System:

Removing Tach/Speedo and Opening Process:


Is this forum incapable of embedding video?

or can we get an Admin to open up the embedding options?

SS Adrenaline:
Heck, nice job, this should be a sticky.  Cheers

Thanks for collecting the tutorials. I can see ones done and not have to duplicate.
Next I'll do voltage regulator replacement. Will also include notes on LiFe batteries in it and the correct and incorrect battery for a GS500.
Suggestions for more?
LED in gauges?
Cutting out headlight when starting (2004 and earlier as newer ones do that)?

It'd be pretty interesting to have the headlight cutoff explained in laymens terms.


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