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Tire sizing for an upgraded rear

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So i pretty much decided today when i saw a Craigslist ad for a katana tire set that i'd go ahead and make the switch to a wider rear for more tire options,
i'm pretty set on going with the stickest tires i can get and bt003 race/street tires cause i can get them on sale for like 200 for a set.
with that said i'm confused on what to go with for a rear size
from the bridgestone website the guideline they give is
_____________________________rec rim width     sug rim width
☆    150/60ZR17M/C    (66W)    TL    4.50    4.00 - 4.50    620    161
☆    160/60ZR17M/C    (69W)    TL    4.50    4.50 - 5.00    633    164
so with the katana 4.5inch rim which tire should i go with on the gs500f
from what i understand from the wiki a 160/60 is about the max i can go with with minor modification (bending that back break thing)
the katana rim i bought came with a junky michelen mesomething 150/70 which doesnt fit, rubs the chain guard and break brace ( i figured that would happen)
any advice on what to go with would be great

Is this for a track bike or a street bike?

If it's for a street bike, the BT003RS are a complete waste - way more performance than you're ever going to use, and terrible wear life. As they wear, the handling will tend to get a little weird, because most street riders can't wear out a tire evenly. Instead I'd point you towards one of the many sport touring tires available, or at a minimum a more conventional street tire like the Q2.

For the track, BT003RS are far from the stickiest tires available in those sizes. Bridgestone's own BT003 Race tires are stickier, and there are lots of good options to fit the 4.5 inch rear you installed. If you wanted to install a 3.5 inch front tire as well, you could easily enough run 250cc 2 stroke slicks, which are available in everything from a medium compound to an ultra-soft.

For those rims, either a 150 or 160 rear is fine - just make sure that the tire will clear the chain, swingarm, and brake linkage.

Let me give you a full run down of everything thats going on.
So i bought the 04 gs500f this past summer toward the end with ~14500 miles i believe for 1500
It currently has some absolute crap kenda tires that are sport touring tires and i've had a few too many close calls, they're also biased ply and the rear is worn down so i was planing on replacing them if i kept the bike anyway. 
My plan was originally to sell the bike before winter hit so i could upgrade during winter to a 600 when prices would be cheaper, i had idle problems which prevented me from selling the bike but fixed them by adjusting the valves.  My best bet right now is going to be selling the bike come summer and upgrading to a 600 then while i'm working at my internship making money. 
THUS tire wear isn't a big issue for me and honestly i just want to have the most fun
I dont really want a tire that'll take 10 min to warm up or something that'll cost more then 250 for the set which is why for 200 for a set of the 003's sounds good.
I DO occasionally get stuck riding in the rain though i try not to so running full slicks is probably not for me however with the sport touring tires i had while riding in the rain i could still slide the back end in third so i'd imagine i'll cope with whatever i have
I DON't plan on really taking it to a track since the fairings are in good shape and i'm looking to sell it soonish, i know on a track i'll probably push it past it's limits to find it's limits, i know the safe limit on my car but it's taken time to find that
I would LOVE to track it i've tracked my car before and go indoor go karting quite often but financially I know i shouldn't till i have a larger income and can pay for what i break.
I DO plan on getting as low as possible on onramps etc, i go as fast as possible is safe on onramps and areas i know with no blind corners.
The touring tires on there have given me ALOT of rear end sliding out and i've been lucky not to f%$kup and crash thus far

Big Rich:
A modern tire that hasn't past it's "due date" and has the release film taken off will be able to lean over further than the bike can handle.

@ burning1
With the q2's i didnt see the front 110/70-17 so i kinda dismissed them would you recommend i look back into that, My friend swears by them on his 05 cbr and i've read great review online but again i only saw the front in a 120/70 would that work with a stock gs wheel?

@ Big Rich
I've ridden the 2011zx10r and wish i knew the tires that were on that when I rode it because when warmed up i was able to confidently power wheelie coming out of corners unlike the current sport touring tires on my 500 where if i try and roll on the throttle coming out of a turn the back end is rolling out


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