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My 1993 GS500 Race bike

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The catch bottle is not required by most track-day providers, but it is required by many trackday organizations. Strictly speaking, it's not mandatory for the GS500, since I don't have coolant or a number of other fluids that can cause problems and necessitate the catch bottle... but I do it to appease the tech guys.

There are nicer mounts... Lots of guys use energy drink cans, and it's legal to just attach the overflow hoses to the airbox. I had a baby bottle on there for a while, but eventually lost the top and replaced it with the Dasini bottle in a pinch at the side of the track. It worked, so I never bothered replacing it.

New LSR racing venue;  Wilmington, OHIO.  Online info at:

The real deal.


I have just purchased a couple of GS500's to compete in a new race series in Spain. It is only for GS500's and you can only mod the suspension, exhaust, airfilter and put in a jet kit. You can also fit whatever bodywork you want along with controls.
But, what I want to know (along with a lot of other guys in the series)is what is the R6 shock like on the track. you said it was perfect for your weight. What weight are you?
I'm off to watch your vid. :D

Hi Andy! Glad to hear you're racing a GS500.

Yes, the R6 shock is just about perfect for my weight, in stock form. I weigh around 180lbs without gear. Stock spring is good, and the adjustments are in the middle of the range, indicating that it should be fine for guys who are a little heavier or lighter than me. Other good news is that replacement springs should be readily available.

Cheers, and let me know how it goes. :)

Thanks for that info.
I will be heading a riders meeting tomorrow (Saturday) to sort out the regs.  :sad: But I am really looking forward to getting the beast on the track (and crashing. It's what I do. I'm fast, but tend to forget about the laws of physics).
Any idea what is the best seat unit to fit. I have been looking at them and can't work out which one will fit the best.


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