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Bombsquad's 1993 GS500e refresh

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bombsquad83: question in the General Area was turning into more of a build thread, so I thought I would move on to here.  Plus now I have pictures :).

I got my 1993 GS500 back in August last year, and I've been working on it ever since.  I've done a lot of work to refresh it from it's neglected state. 
EDIT: Forgot to mention she only has 6,3xx miles :).

As I said in my other thread, I've done a lot of work already.  It started out with a 145 main jet, so I'm thinking the previous owner had a lunchbox or something on it.  Exhaust seems stock.  I'm now running the stock airbox with a new OEM filter and 125 mains and 40 pilots, 3 turns out.  I discovered it already had progressive springs when I did the fork seals.

Update 3/26/12
Running very weak in the left hand cylinder.  LH cylinder dies with choke, this explains the RPM with choke issue.

Update 4/1/12
Rode it around town for 35 miles today.  Runs great once it's warmed up.  I think it's too rich at idle on the left hand cylinder.  Gotta review my carb work.

Update 5/5/12

Fixed my one cylinder choke issue by cleaning the starter fuel jet at the bottom of the float.  Tried again to fix the gas level issue in my float bowls.  Cleaned my old needle valve seats and replaced the new ones that came with the kit.  Several tries at adjusting the float height yielded decent results.  I will be checking my plugs for richness periodically until I'm happy with it.

Update 6/8/2012

Finished the paint, decals, new grips, and tank protector.  Pictures on Page 4 of this thread.

The finished product:

List of things I've done

Carb work
Thorough cleaning of the carbs and replaced all the jets (125 mains, 40 pilots, 1 washer)
Replaced old parts with new OEM jet needles and needle jets, o-rings, gaskets, needle valves, and diaphragms
Replaced Gas seals and T connectors (requires splitting the carbs)
Measured and reset float heights (measured, and checked with clear U-shape tube method)
Replaced all JIS screws on the carbs with SS Socket head cap screws
Made cheap differential monometer and synced carbs

Regular maintenance
changed oil and filter (each Spring)
new OEM air filter
Put on new chain and front sprocket (RK X-ring chain, JT 15T sprocket)
Valve Clearances checked and intake shims replaced, exhaust shims swapped left to right - broken bolt and stripped threads fixed along the way see
Mounted new tires, Pirelli Sport Demon in stock sizes (110/70 F, 130/70 R), and another new rear at 9,500 miles
new battery (guy had one that was too tall and vented on the wrong side...doh!)
another new battery at 9,500 on 5/1/2014 - MotoBatt MBU10 AGM battery
Fork seals 2x - Originally overfilled forks to 99mm
15W fork oil used - filled to 130mm from the top of the tube for Progressive Springs
Replaced one left fork tube due to continuous leaking problems
Replaced all fuel lines and all other hoses (water drain and breather hoses were missing)
Flushed Brake Fluid
Cleaned Gas tank cap vent
Replaced all the missing bolts

New OEM Parts
Used OEM Bar-ends (non present before)
New choke cable
Replaced Brake Lever
Replaced Clutch Lever
Replaced Clutch cable adjuster on the lever side
Replaced Dampers for Tach and Speedo
Replaced one Front Turn Signal Lens
Added all stock reflectors that were missing

Replaced vacuum petcock with CRF250X petcock (ground down as shown in other threads)
Tank Cleaned out and sealed with POR-15
Cleaned up and repainted battery box
Urethane professional grade automotive paint (Blue Metallic)

Aftermarket Parts/Upgrades
Bikemaster GP Touring Chrome Handlebars
Rear signals (smaller short stalk)
Pro-Grip Gel Grips
Pro-Grip Tank Protector
Hayabusa style Rear pegs to replace stock front pegs (shorter rubber pad for leg room)
Used SV650 front Caliper with OEM HH pads
HEL stainless steel front brake line
MotionPro SV650 style throttle tube (shorter turn)
Hyper-Lites Superbright LED Flashing Brake Lights

To be done
Modified and recovered seat - In progress
HEL stainless steel rear brake line
09' GS500F Stock Rear Shock

Here's a picture of how she sits right now...

Today I worked on the tank and prepping the plastics for paint with a buddy of mine.  The tank had a coating of grey stuff that is probably Kreem or something that was flaking off pretty badly.  It also has a big dent a few smaller ones that are needed filling.  Here are some before pics...

Junk on the petcock

Tried putting an old chainsaw chain in there and shaking it around.  Some of the coating came out like wet leaves, but not all of it.  More work to do here...any suggestions?  Need to look around the forum at what others have done some more.

Here are the plastics before prep.  Some scratches needed filling on one side.

And everything after prep. Decals scrapped and sanded off, bondo applied.

Here is a rough sample of the color.  It's similar to the suzuki blue, with a lot of metallic though.  I was thinking about adding a purple ghost pearl, but I'm not sure I want to go there.  Has the potential to be awesome, or just fruity.  What do you think?

And there you have it!  The goal is to get her running like a top before warm temps roll around here in Central Illinois.

Some gravel and vinegar in the gas thank. That gets into more places than a chain.

Or stainless steel BB's from walmart. :)

I STRONGLY recommend you read this before putting vinegar in your gas tank:

Not to dissuade you, though! It's a cheap and incredibly simple way to get all that SHIZAM out of your gas tank.

Planning on doing a POR-15 treatment.  First I want to get as much of that old coating out as possible.  I will have to try some gravel or bb's or something smaller like that.


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