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Bombsquad's 1993 GS500e refresh

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I haven't tried it yet but my plan of action for my tank (also has old coating that is falling off) is to use the "heavy duty" POR-15 kit with the Tank Strip that is supposed to remove the "old inferior coating".  Its only 6 bucks more and should save you the hassle.

There was a guy on here that did POR-15 tank coatings, maybe he can chime in as to how well the Tank Strip int he POR-15 kit works.

Awesome.  I will have to give that a try.  Ordering the HD Cycle Tank Repair Kit right now.

This is a quote from that thread that tells you how to remove crap from your gas tank. The guy even posted pictures if you want to see how well the steel BB and vinegar trick works. Please read more in the thread, though.

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Away from the computer the last couple of days...

Please, I didn't mean like I wanted advice only from Buddah... Not at all! the only reason I asked him directly is because it seems like he has lots of experience with carbs, from reading some of his posts, and I was curious on his take. I apologize. I truly apreciate everyone's comments and suggestions.

I did put the carbs bodies in boiling water for about 10 minutes. A ring of grime was formed at water level on the pot I used. The carbs didn't come out squeakly clean, though. The outside was still a bit dirty, and some dark areas remained on the inside. I want to boil them again. Should it be longer? I'll also try the pinesol... For how long?

The bike has 11k miles on it.

As for a leak on the boots, I did a WD40 "leak test". No change in revs after spraying it all around the boots. I believe (and hope) that it'll be down to thorough cleaning, and perhaps valve adjustment. I'll be doing the steel bb's (what about pellets?) in vinegar tomorrow for the gas tank. I'll be cleaning the tank petcock with compressed air. The bike was rejetted about two months ago, following the recommendations in this site. The exhaust is stock. When I rejetted, I also changed the valve needles and their seats.

One of my original questions: Can anyone confirm whether or not this carbs have the emmissions circuit or not? The bike is a 2002 (2001, really) but its carbs are not what the Clymer book show. They're more like the previous model year.

Thanks again

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No problem. :) All in the name of helping a fellow rider!

I have no idea about emissions circuit but I can offer the following:
Steel BB's (I believe they're plated in nickel but you might luck up and find some stainless steel ones) are your best bet. They're ultra cheap at Wally World. I don't know if they make steel pellets but it seems unlikely. Plus, you get like 5lbs of BB's for the price of what you'd pay for one package of the pellets. Don't use the lead ones! Too soft. Also, DO NOT USE COPPER...obviously.

Step 1: Go to $1 Store and pick up two gallons of whatever vinegar they have (white is best because you can tell how dirty it gets, plus I think it's slightly stronger versus the others)
Step 2: Go to Walmart and pick up a big container of the silver BB's (I'd give you a link but I can't find them on wally world's site).
Step 3: Pour one gallon into the empty gas tank and slosh it around for about 5-10 minutes to ensure you get everything nice and saturated
Step 4: Let it sit over night (or 8hrs)
Step 5: Dump the whole container of BB's into the gas tank
Step 6: Start shaking/sloshing/whatever as long as you possibly can until you're tired.
Step 7: Take a break
Step 8: Repeat step 6. Be sure you turn it every which way and get those bb's really rolling in there.
Step 9: Drain that mucky mess out of there. Leave the BB's in for now.
Step 10: Add the second gallon of vinegar and repeat steps 6, 7, and 8.
Step 11: Drain everything. If it's still REALLY dirty at this point, you might want to rinse it a third time with the BB's. Note: will require more vinegar! :D You can re-use the BB's though. Just put them in a towel and clean them (use the "bowling ball polishing technique"...this will work nicely)
Step 12:  Add a gallon of your favorite, cheap gas and slosh it around AGAIN.
Step 13: Drain and give your lawn mower some "spiked" gas.  :laugh:

Hope this helps! :)

Edit: For step 10 you could probably use half a gallon.  :dunno_black: You decide!

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I might try the steel BB's along with the tank stripper that comes in the POR-15 HD kit if it's not working.  I don't know if vinegar would cut through the old tank coating.

I've used evaporust in an old gas tank before, it neutalizes rust by binding to the iron in iron oxide and oxidation stops, and turns into something more stable. After I used an old chain and knocked out any loose stuff, I rinsed it well and then let the evaporust sit in the the tank for a day. It is non-toxic and won't hurt your paint job or your bare hands. After that, I dumped it into a bucket and kept the extra evaporust for bolts and other rusty parts. I rinsed and blew some air in the tank to dry it well, then filled it up with gas immediately to prevent flash rust. I was going to have the tank coated, but never did. I think I'll just let it be because that flaking stuff looks like such a pain, and my thought was to check it and use more evaporust when needed... maybe at the end of a riding season. I haven't had to yet, but I'm careful about letting the tank sit for long without keeping it topped off with gas and stable.  You can use it repeatedly until it eventually loses its potency over time(A friend of mine calls it Jesus Juice)


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