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My 2000 GS500 Fighter

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Picked this bike up last November from a seller in Toronto, Canada. This is my first bike. I've always liked the look of naked bikes over faired bikes. Wanted to start small so that my insurance premiums would remain low...also, I don't think I'd want to learn on a bike with 600cc + type power.

The bike as I bought it:

The Goal is to have her looking similar to this...Saw this bike last week on this forum and it totally changed the direction of my build

My Plans:

Kinda in this order:
-Cut the subframe shorter; remove lower bracing and re-weld diagonal canti-lever beams.
-Scruff frame/prime/paint black
-Fit the front seat of a Hyosung gt250 onto the frame.
-Fit a bandit 400 hugger onto the swingarm (in the mail)
-Fit a 07 R6 rear shock (in the mail)
-Install GSXR Front end (done)
-Fit wider 160/60/17 tires onto a '03 GSX600 wheel fit it to the swingarm (have the wheel, need the tires)
-Find a chin spoiler somewhere...
-New clue as of yet Acewell/Koso
-New light assembly(all around) clue as of yet
-Paint all plastics and Tank White...
-Find a gold MX Handlebar and bar-risers to match
-K&N Filter
-Clean and Re-Jet Carbs (no clue what-so-ever how to do this)
-Odds and Ends - pegs, longer front brake lines, grips,

The bike after I started wrenching on it:

Took out the engine and all wiring while the weather was still warm. Then brought it inside to start the winter modifications.

This is the bike indoors:

Picked this up on ebay for $350 US. 04/05 GSXR 600/750 Front End.

Came with everything I needed on the front end (except upper triple)...tire isn't good for the road. Will find a good touring tire.

Sent the triples out to a guy to get a spacer made and the GS stem pressed into the GSXR lower triple.

A few more pics (sorry for the crappy pics):

More pics to come...I've got limited funds at the moment, due to other more pressing obligations but I will update this thread as the project progresses.




That blue tank and plastics are soooooo beautiful. It would be a crime against humanity to paint it.
On the other hand, there are so many ugly, homeless and orphaned tanks just begging for someone to paint them and give them some love and a good home.

I love streetfighter builds. I don't know if you can make a bobber out of the GS 'cause of the rake but keep posting pics.  :thumb:

If I was still up in NH, I would be driving up there to trade you my dinged blue tank for that pristine one...

PLEASEEEEE don't murder it, sell/trade it for one that's already painted. Adidasguy has a stockpile of them!!!

Other than that, im anxiously waiting to see how it looks, if it pans out, I may copy.


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