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My 2000 GS500 Fighter

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--- Quote from: xunedeinx on February 17, 2012, 05:32:07 AM ---If I was still up in NH, I would be driving up there to trade you my dinged blue tank for that pristine one...

PLEASEEEEE don't murder it, sell/trade it for one that's already painted. Adidasguy has a stockpile of them!!!

Other than that, im anxiously waiting to see how it looks, if it pans out, I may copy.

--- End quote ---

The tank has one small dent from the PO...I take it that it's hard to find these tanks?  It's in EXCELLENT condition on the inside (from what I can see)...and its ODD that you mention NH, I'm a UNH grad

Project is on a semi-hold, flying out to Orlando next week for work...after that, I plan to finally cut the frame and start modding the GSXR triple to use bar clamps.  Going to use Aluminum and neoprene assist with vibration and force distribution for the underside since it's weak cast

I just wanted to get a quick look at her with the wheels (kinda) on...


Made some progress over the last week....finally picked up some parts I had waiting for me in Niagara Falls...

So I got to cutting after I picked up some power tools this weekend....As you can see, the Hyosung 250 seat that I bought didn't quite wrap around the tank so I had to remove some material. Still not a good fit, but I will figure it out when I get there.

You can also notice the new rear shock from a Yamaha 07 R6

I might cut off the remaining metal from the lower subframe...I still don't know what I'll be doing with it yet...I'm thinking I want the lower subframe to "round" upwards, starting from the main frame and welded right below where the back of the new upper subframe is.

I'm pretty happy with the angle of the seat...I'm going to mock up a subframe out of 3/4" wood and see how it is before I get it to a welder.

More to come soon....

SS Adrenaline:
Neat project.  I like the bike youre aiming towards.  IT should be nice.  Keep it up.

Thanks,  I'm 33% finished at this point....

progress this week:

partially mounted the handlebar risers. If you look closely in the pic, you will see a huge gap between the riser and triple. The riser was meant for a special triple and came with special bolts. I need to somehow find a M12 x 1.25 x 30 to 35mm hex socket bolt.

I also threw on the MX handlebar to get a feel of the's a little wide, might cut it down an inch or so.

Did a little work to the seat, I designed the upper part of the subframe using 3/4" wood strips, just need to have them welded now.

Also, just ordered a longer SS front brake line and my's a MT-03 replica from Germany

brackets will be anodized black.

Next purchases will be a set of tires - 120/70 upfront and 150/60 in back....160/60 if they are a slimmer fit and a KOSO gauge.  Hope to have the subframe welded next weekend....

? (i used to have a good contact with Winzer corp, could prob look him up and pass you the # if you want)
Or if you have a bolt supply business in town, you might find them there.  Can't wait to see what you do with the welder and the subframe.

That seat looks gigantic.  Maybe it is just the angle. 

Good Work!  Need more updates!  Sorry, I never get enough of this stuff,...


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