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WTB: titled, straight frame

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--- Quote from: Big Rich on March 14, 2012, 02:17:05 AM ---I said add a quarter of a pound for axle bearing grease..........

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 :laugh: :laugh:

hmmm. willi pm me what your lookin to get for it. im actually looking at a running bike tomorrow... its no guarantee though. he is askin 1800 im only offering 800. i already feel like a D^(k.

 Will send PM...

You can also check with AccidentalF if you can travel to NH- he's got a whole rolling chassis, and maybe a title for it- not that i don't wanna sell my frame, just another option for ya Oz.

I'll be bringing home 1 titled, straight, 1996 frame this weekend. its stripped bare and primed right now. if my current parts bike frame is title-able I'll be looking to sell the 96 frame.

It will have a clean and clear title, and I will be sure the fat fingers at the dmv don't make and typo's on this one!!

PM if you are interested and I'll keep ya posted.


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