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SV650 or FZ6?

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Has anyone ridden both or either of these bikes, preferably a more recent year, like 07+? What are your thoughts? I would like to get on something with a little more power, not for speed but for highway riding. I typically avoid the highways on my GS as it feels like im riding a bumble bee as fast as it can possibly go, I can practically hear the bolts rattling loose.

I know the SV650 usually wins shootouts between the two bikes. What I hear is that the FZ6 handles very well, better than the SV, but what kills it is the engine. It is very peaky with no low end an bad FI maps. All the reviews I have seen are on 2004's FZ6's which is the first year, they changed the throttle mapping twice by 2007 so i was wondering if the newer bikes were any better.

Might also consider the Katana 750.

Locknut type valve adjustment
ULTRA cheap to buy and own
Only 50lbs heavier than the GS
Comfortable riding position compared to SV650S and others

These bikes get a bad rap because for a 750 they're underpowered; BUT 92hp is nothing to scoff at. It's double what the GS makes and only weighs a fraction more. They're also "old school" which some people just cannot stand.

From what I understand about the suffers from cruddy front suspension out of the box, a VERY crunched up riding position (S version), complicated motor/system. It's fuel injected, liquid cooled, DOHC 4V. Although, the cams are gear driven so to adjust the valves all you have to do is pick the camshafts up out of the head - unlike the GS which has chain driven cams. Still a lot of work. Oh and to even change the spark plugs you have to drop the radiator and drain the coolant. Blegh.

Gear driven cams in the SV650 ?

The FZ6 is the superior highway cruiser.  Bigger frame so you can stretch out your legs (the trade off is less maneuverability), better wind protection, cushy shocks, and an engine that is just getting into its power band at highway speeds.  It is a favorite at

When magazines say the FZ6 is gutless down low, they are comparing the bike to 650 twins with an emphasis on midrange power.  The FZ6 is still putting out 25 HP at 4,000 RPM, whereas the GS500 is putting out 19 HP.  The FZ6 is putting out just over 30 HP at 5,000 RPM whereas the GS500 is putting out just over 20.  Yes the FZ6's insane, sub 11.5 quarter mile power doesn't fully hit until 9,000 RPM, but it does not lack for power anywhere. 

As far as the FI mapping goes, it was fixed in 2007.  I've owned and totalled an '07, and the FI is fine.

I've ridden both.

My pick would be the SV650 (naked). It has an upright riding position like the GS but more go. I found the SV650 to be... ah heck, read what I already wrote about them here....

I have ridden a nake SV650 as well though didn't write a review on it for some reason. It's torquey, was more settled in the corners than the Sport one I rode and is a good upgrade from the GS. Don't expect to be blown away by acceleration. At first you'll think it's great, but you get used to that. And then think, I thought it was better - that's how you First thought leaving the GS but those thoughts fade as you get used to the bike and its take off. (Same applies to all upgrades from the GS500.)

BUT, I'll say this... your experience on the bikes might be different. So take both for a ride and see which one YOU feel more at home and more comfortable on  :thumb:



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