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SV650 or FZ6?

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Maybe get an SV650N and re-gear it closer to 'S' specs.

BTW, the 2007 GS500F we had with the 18-tooth AFAM front sprocket (discontinued  :sad:) had the same final gearing as the SV650S...

I've ridden both. The FZ6 was definitely more comfortable for long hauls, but I didn't like the shifting at all. I chose my SV650s because I like the sportier position compared to the SV650 or FZ6. I still do the long hauls and multi-day adventures; I'm just a bit more sore than I'd be otherwise.  :icon_lol:

As another who's ridden them both i'll mirror a couple of the reponses already posted.  :)

If you're truly looking for something whose #1 and almost-all-the-time usage would be highway commuting, I'd recommend the FZ.

If I were buying one of the two with my own money, it'd be the SV.  :)  Not as good a highway bike, but WAY more fun everywhere else.

As a previous poster mentioned, there are possibly some other options for a highway commuter that might be less expensive but still enjoyable.  The Katana 750 was a good suggestion.  It's fairly heavy, which is actually a bonus when droning on the highway facing turbulence from trucks & high crosswinds & such.  Comfortable seating position.  Fairly bulletproof engine.

I would take the SV650 over the FZ6, and not because it's a Suzuki.  It's lighter, easier to handle, about as powerful, not buzzy at times, and has more broad power making it easier to ride on the street.  IMHO, a well-balanced 90 degree V-twin like the SV is better than an I-4 for general street use.  The SV is kinda tall so seat height is an issue for some.  Other than that I like the SV better.  Best of luck with what you choose.

SV1k or VFR750/800 :thumb:


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