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EOI Thick Aluminium Fork Braces.

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Hi all,

At the moment I'm mocking up some 16mm thick aluminium fork braces and wondering if anyone is interested? Based on how my prototype goes I'll do up a batch for anyone interested. Braces will come with longer bolts needed. I will throw up a pic when my prototype is on. Each one will be trial fitted on my bike (K3) to ensure correct fit when you put it on. Obviously these are coming from Australia so postage will take a few weeks and I'll try and include postage in the final price, if not than I will quote postage for each person. Payment will be made via PayPal. Price will depend on numbers. Any takers?

Should also state these are hand made items, while all care taken may not be completely perfect but still very good.

Dont forget to make me one :thumb:

Yours is now ready cods! I'll try to get out to you on the weekend to fit up.

no hurry, next time we meet up is fine :bowdown:


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