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Hello GStwin people! New to the boards here, from right between Baltimore and D.C!

Also sort of new to riding (just over a year), though racking up lots of miles as my '07 GS500F is my primary mode of transportation between the months of March and November. She is my second bike, the first was a '97 Honda Nighthawk that I more than outgrew since last spring. And the reason I said newbies in the title is because you get a 2 for 1 deal in this post. My husband (not on the boards yet) is also a GS rider (he has a '91 GS500E).

And as soon as someone points me to instructions on how to post photos they'll be up! I know how much you guys love photos :) In the meantime you can try this link to the photo on FB.

Welcome^2!  :cheers:

For images you'll need to use an image hosting site like photobucket, tinypic, etc.. upload the photos to there, insert the 'direct link' into the image brackets(insert image button is the first button on the row above smilies) If you want to use facebook images, you'll need to get the url that goes directly to the image and not the facebook page. Easiest way to get this is to right click on the photo and click "view image" or "open image in new tab" depending on your web browser

until you get the hang of it:

Good looking gsF!!

Thanks! I learned to take pictures from flattering angles to hide imperfections (like a nice dent in the tank and a smaller dent in the exhaust where the otherwise lovely previous owner laid it down...and forgot to add my seriously terrifying and totally unsafe rear tire that is getting replaced hopefully this week...) And thanks for the photo instructions! It's been ages since I used photobucket, I guess it can't hurt to resurrect that account...


 Great to have more DMV riders here (I'm in Manassas and we have some other riders here in NoVA). I know a bunch of us are itching to do a group ride, possibly at Skyline Drive. There's a thread somewhere in this section on it.

 Have fun out there and stay safe. Living in the metro area sure is a pain for bike riders.

Welcome.  There's a group of us that meet up around Baltimore to ride (though not always on GS's).  Adfalchius and I are in Towson, Jared is in Pasadena, PacmanP is Ellicott City, RedhawkDancing is Owing Mills and Meri is Baltimore City proper.  Sorry if I forgot anyone.  And don't knock the little Nighthawk   ;)



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