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2000 GS500e teardown and rebuild

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Awesome to see that muffler on another bike! they are pretty rare and they sound amazing.

I used VHT BLACK header paint and VHT Clear coat. Without the clear coat it looked very dull. Even now a week later it still looks wet and shiney :icon_mrgreen:

When i got the muffler it was fading pretty nasty and the red stickers were almost gone.

Paint instructions to look the best: Sand with 120 grit sand paper EVERYWHERE, use alcohol on a paper towel and wipe it all down(wear nitrile or latex gloves the whole time to prevent skin oils from ruining your work!) you can use VHT primer if you want. i did not. Then apply your first LIGHT coat. wait 10 minutes then next LIGHT coat, wait 10 minutes then one Medium coat followed by another 10 minutes of waiting and a final 4th coat. wait 30 minutes before doing the same with clear coat! wait 4 hours then run on the bike in 2 20 minute intervals letting the bike cool down between.

i painted my muffler and headers. if you want it to look PERFECT do it like i wrote. otherwise itll look like everyone elses! haha

you bike looks awesome by the way. i love the red accents. get rid of that rear fender and it would look even better! :cheers:

--- Quote from: Tombstones81 on March 23, 2012, 01:50:50 AM ---what did you all use on painting the slip-on?

I painted the end near the exhaust pipe because of rust but it came out as plain as urs looks in the pic of it still being wet.
pretty sure i used VHT header paint.

but then the finishes pic, urs is nice and shiny.

put a high temp clear on it too?

as u can see the end of mine near the pipe, its rather dull.
I was actually thinking of getting brand new red F1s stickers made and just paint the whole thing black to match the bike.

--- End quote ---

thank you  :thumb:

yeah ur the first active person i've seen on here with this slip-on since I joined last year.

and thanks, i know painting routine  :thumb:
I think the only things on my bike I didnt paint by hand with rattle cans over the winter are the forks and handlebars. hahahaha

and u can only notice the rear fender from the side there.
from the back, i cut it even with the plate.

haha well sweet! i guess you know all about painting then if you did all that with spray paint. how many times did you wet sand that tank??!! it looks slick! O0

wet sand to get the old paint off or the layers of new color?

old paint I dont recall sanding to get thru the paint at all.
aircraft stripper and a small putty knife scraped it Right off like it was putty.
I did sand the bare metal when I got down to it tho.
but too much work to recall every step in detail

the new color.
hmm gotta think about it for a minute (been too much work on the bike and engine)
dont recall any with the new color.
I simply laid another layer on it minutes after the prior light coat dried enough.

same with the clear as u said above.
i left it sit for like 10 minutes while i went around to other parts.

well sweet man it looks awesome. have you taken of the rear fender yet??!!


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