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Well, I finally started...tore the front end apart to see what was really damaged...

It wasn't pretty...

Bent fork, broken shift lever...these I knew about.  The front axle seems okay, but I ordered another one to be on the safe side.  The upper & lower tripples check out, no fractures or play.  So that's good news...

Bad news...

Bent rim...BOOOOOO

Since the Yamaha MT-01 isn't a very common bike, the rims are not readily available through ebay or the I bit the bullet and just ordered everything through my bank account is $1230 lighter...OUCH!

I will have to take a few more pics...the front fender is damaged as well, but some epoxy & paint will fix it...same with the exhaust heat shield...I'm just glad I didn't buy a BMW, my buddy had to replace his rear shock...shock is the right word for it...$2800...friggin electronically adjustable I got off easy...kinda...

Anyway...this is what it looked like last week...

I will post an update of how it looks soon...


Good luck dude. Is there not a wheel of any other Yammy that will fit? How does aftermarket forks stack up price wise versus oem?

What are you doing to fix the bent fork ?

I suspect it would take at least 6 months to a year to find good used parts for your bike. One of the unfortunate realities of owning something that was only made/sold in limited quantities.

Let's just say that my aftermarket forks that are no longer available have certainly not depreciated compared to the stock ones LOL

The MT-O1 was never raced (d'uh) nor customized much, nor sold in large enough quantities to attract the attention of an aftermarket fork manufacturer. Internal parts OK, but not production of a whole fork.

It may be entirely possible that parts from other Yamaha's can be substituted ~ in many cases steering head and triple clamp dimensions are similar enough that you can change entire front ends on some bikes. I wouldn't be suprised if the MT-01 shared some front end bits like forks/wheels/brake calipers/rotors with the FZ-1.   


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