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Our own valve shim kit?

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Anyone thought of making up our own valve shim kit and having it available like the yanks? Or do most of us prefer to take it to the shop n get it done that way? What are your thoughts? I'd be happy to make the kit up and send it to whoever wants it then send it back.

So let me get this....

Instead of doing your own measuring, going to the shop and buying the one or two shims you need you...

measure what you need, use the shims in the kit, then go to the shop and buy replacements and then send it back?

You still go to the shop and still buy the shims you used. What am I missing?


No we get a few shims for the kit and if you use a shim put yours that you don't need back in the kit.


--- Quote from: slipperymongoose on April 24, 2012, 10:59:40 PM ---No we get a few shims for the kit and if you use a shim put yours that you don't need back in the kit.

--- End quote ---

Not to piss on your parade but eventually you would end up with a bunch of shims that are too big for any bike with some miles on it, that's why I now make people buy me whatever shims they use in my kit.  The pre-packed shim kits themselves are a bit of a waste, they include sizes I would probably never use.  I've never had a bike with anything larger than a 2.80mm shim in it from the factory which makes the 2.80's, 2.85's, 2.90's, 3.00's in my kit useless.  My 2 cents...


I thought of this situation happening as well, thats why its just a spitball idea atm. I might run it that you replace what you use but as mister pointed out what would be the point? but having the valve shim tool, cheapish vernier caliper, and a magnetic pickup tool with a few shims of different sizes might be an option for say a bloke on a saturday/sunday and if for instance by the time he gets round to getting his shims out etc the bike shops might be shut and needs the ones in the kit. So when Monday rolls around he goes out and buys from the shop what he used and puts it back in the kit along with the shims he has spare.

As a seperate question baltimore what are the shims made out of? If so and like you said we end up with a shed load of say 270's I have access to a surface grinder to make into different sizes. If there steel or stainless and no case hardeneing etc if I got extras I could create different sizes and that would keep the kit stocked up.


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