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Our own valve shim kit?

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--- Quote from: slipperymongoose on April 25, 2012, 02:41:24 AM ---So when Monday rolls around he goes out and buys from the shop what he used and puts it back in the kit along with the shims he has spare.

As a seperate question baltimore what are the shims made out of? If so and like you said we end up with a shed load of say 270's I have access to a surface grinder to make into different sizes. If there steel or stainless and no case hardeneing etc if I got extras I could create different sizes and that would keep the kit stocked up.

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That would work I guess, allow you to finish the job all in one shot.  Just have to make sure the person really does restock the shims. 

Not sure what the shims are made of actually.  I'd assume hardened steel but that's just a guess.  Shipping would probably be cost prohibitive but I have an over abundance of 2.65's and 2.70's at the moment.


Give a thick shim a touch with a grinder and see what happens. I'll try and find out what there made of in the mean time.


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