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Anyone going to Backfire Moto tonight?
OK - I went.

Well, blocks and blocks of bikes. Everyone so friendly to gather on a sunny, warm night.
WOW! the Seattle micro breweries were open. Talk about outstanding, fresh beer! Some places had free dogs & burgers (donation only). Other regular restaurants & pubs were open. Ran into so many people I knew or knew in the past and didn't know that had a bike or even lived a few blocks from me.

Must have been a thousand bikes! Stretched for a couple blocks in every direction. Cool thing was everyone was so great! No problems, no issues, no fights, no cops. Just a farkling huge bunch of people and bikes of every size and type.

I pity the person who can't go to the monthly Backfire Moto event in Seattle!

rat bikes to POS to amazing bikes you want to drool over. EVERYTHING was there from under 50cc's to big ass things.

Here are some highlights:

Suzi was there. The only GS500 I saw.

Micro brews open! What could make the evening any better?

This is a street fighter!


WOW! This was mind boggling!

Here's the facebook page:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous...

Ever go to Sportbike Northwest ?


--- Quote from: SAFE-T on May 17, 2012, 02:35:14 PM ---Ever go to Sportbike Northwest ?

--- End quote ---
Haven't been there. I'm more into these evening or one day events rather than multi-day festivals.


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