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Its that time of the month again.

New backfire Moto tomorrow.

I'll be riding Junior. Look for me somewhere in the area of the rear of Hilliards Brewery.


Great night! For the first time I saw GS500's! There must have been 5 there. WOW! I left cards on the ones I didn't know.
Here are a few highlights. AND a special set of moto-huffy pictures for Yama. Yes - there was a motorized bicycle!

I met the owner. She said she just got it running again. I was told the bike has been down route 66 and did wheelies on the London Bridge in Arizona.

Here is an "F" modded into an "E". There was a dent in the tank. I think  you can figure out what happened.

Junior enjoyed the evening!

And someone wanted to know how to add a spare gas tank? Here's one!

Bailing wire and zip ties held this bike together.

Something just for Yama!

 :cheers: :cheers: :woohoo:

I fixed the safety wire and rewired everything for more efficient use of zip ties.  :thumb:

It's coming up again!
Should be a great evening for bikez, beerz and foodz.

Who will be there?

I hope to take Thumper - my 1973 TS-185. Thumper has never been on an outing before. He deserves one.


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