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1994 build

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Well this is where Im at so far, still allot of work to do but its only a few days away from being drivable now. So far Ive only put $1200 into the entire project, $400 for the bike and $800 for all the parts. Ill get some better pics up after shes all done.

Looking good so far :thumb:

rockin,....can't wait to see more

I got the seat and tail light done yesterday. she is now fully operational! Still have a few things to work on yet but at least I can drive it around now.

Very good job on that rear.  In the first pics, I thought meh,...but I'm seriously liking how you tied the seat in with the light.  (applause)
I'd paint that exhaust hanger black though.  It is majorly distracting since it is loooooong and not black.
Kick arse on that rear setup!  :thumb:


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