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1994 build

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--- Quote from: cbrfxr67 on June 24, 2012, 02:12:39 PM ---I'd paint that exhaust hanger black though.  It is majorly distracting since it is loooooong and not black.
Kick arse on that rear setup!  :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Agreed, I stared at it for a while in the first pic.

I'd also look at a way to try and conceal the electrics under the seat. I've seen a lot of people on here use a metal mesh painted black in that little triangular space. Side covers too of course.

Thanks guys, theres still allot of things I plan on doing eventually, covering the electronics is definatly high on the list. Ill post progress pics when I can.

I like this a lot. I'm not such a fan of the seat, but the front end is wicked.

Good work. It looks like a blast to ride.

I love the shape of the seat and the curved brake light is a very cool idea.

But after looking at it more, I think the rear of the seat needs to have a cowl of some sort. Obviously this is only a one up bike and you have, basically, a seat big enough and shaped for two up riding. It would clean up the way the fabric is folded on the back of the seat.

I got a bit of engine painting done today, repainted the fins with hi-temp black and silver and re-shaped/painted the timing cover. I am planning on making a cowl for the back of the seat eventually, just need to find the time.


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