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Can't let the GS500 go.

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Names Joe but Heres my story.

My first bike years back was a 1990 GS500, beautiful bike already had fenderectomy and other mods. I bought it for $1200 and my neighbor touched it because he's a striving mechanic..ya right. The carbs were leaking fuel. Took the carbs apart, cleaned and reassembled. Now the bike started bogging down everytime I throttled. Back to step one got the carbs apart and one of the vacuum o-rings was missing. Got one just like it at local motorcycle shop and bam it was fixed.

I had that for a few more months and moved on to a katana- beautiful bike but within a week it got stuck in first gear! - working on that bike was a PIA. Ended up trading that for a restored XJ-650 shaft driving. Beautiful restored bike.

Had that for a year and winter came along and traded that for a Jeep Cherokee. so winter pasts and I was hit up with a great offer.

A guy in Maine had a k4 gs500f. He was in need for money and offered it for $1000. I gave him $1200 because its worth a lot more. Needed a new back tire and new rear brakes. I got the brakes cheap the whole assemble caliper and lines and rear sets for 60$ and the tire was a bt-45.

I think I can't leave the gs500 series... I'm starting to mod it out slowly but just thought it was a conincidence.  :cheers: that worked out well.

besides that I'm in NH and not many gs owners out here! but this site is amazing. SO much information. Just A BIG thanks.

Pics or it didnt happen

Pics will be up tonight or tomorrow.  8)

Awesome find. Yeah, we need pics.

Good readin'.   O0


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