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Gold Coast SMART Rider Training Review (Level 1, 2, 2a Masterclass & Level 3)

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Looking for the write up on level 3

Level 3

Arrived and received complimentary polo shirt, cap and pen. Entered the boardroom, made myself a tea, grabbed a catering biscuit two-pack and went back to my seat to fill out the same paperwork I'd already filled out previously.

This time we had a motorcycle police officer there who allowed us to ask any questions of him at all - from what speed cameras tolerances are, and so on. Quite insightful. We also covered much of the same stuff - corner positioning, entry points, exit points, gearing, braking, speed, etc. A bit about bike crashes and other classroom interaction, then time to ride.

As always we were put into groups. My group was the First group. Which, as far as I could tell, was made up of the most capable riders as determined by the instructors who'd seen us all ride on previous classes. Again we followed the instructor to our first stop for a chat about fatigue. And as before, I then was lead rider until next stop. And my feedback was essentially "nothing to add". Not in as many words but more like, "It's good to see you using the techniques on all the corners and your riding and transitioning is very smooth." So he couldn't fault me and had nothing to add to improve my riding. Sweet!

At this stop which was kind of lunch, we talked about riding in different weather and on different roads then time for the next leg. The route would be different than planned and a more enjoyable one I felt. And so we rode up to our usual stop on the way to Springbrook and talked about riding with pillions. And then it was time to go on our last leg. The idea was, two bikes would lead followed by the instructor. I also let the other two in our group take off first with me coming up the rear.

Well, first rider failed to take the correct turn. The second rider followed him with the instructor signaling us to turn as discussed. The third rider pulled up. The fourth rider slowed to signal to keep going. I went around them and then they filed in behind me. Back down the mountain we went, back onto Numinbah and into Nerang. At a set of lights the 3rd rider (now behind me) pondered if we should have stopped. I said "no" and we rode in to the final stop as had been discussed.

Not a real lot of discussion at the end this time. Everyone received their certificates and left.

While there was not a great deal of New stuff learned this run, there was Some stuff and that makes it worthwhile. I feel this was more of a reinforcement / fine tuning class as by this stage everyone should know what they are doing.

Interestingly, the guy on the fastest bike in our group (BMW SR100RR) was also the least capable rider. I got talking with a fellow on a BMW 800ST and he showed me how he had modified it for more comfortable riding (handlebar wise as the stock bars are too low and too far forward) without needing to replace the cables as BMW had told me would need to be done. Fellow in our group on a Bandit 1250 told me when I test rode one and slide forward I Could have raised the front of the seat (there is a setting). The woman in our group was riding around in a CBR600 without being licensed to do so, simply by having an L on the bike and riding with another rider cause she thought that was ok without realizing it was not. And other chit chat and bike stuff and sharing of riding stories with others in the class at various stops along the way - not in a group way but during one on one chats.

All up, the classes were worth the money and I'd recommend them to all riders regardless of current skill levels.


Do you know if they're running this kind of thing again? it appears I've missed all the 2012 dates :( this seems like exactly the kind of rider training I'd like/need!

I feel that, while experience will obviously make me a better rider, I need feedback to tell me specifically what I can improve on!

They (the HART instructors) are pretty confident there will be another set of lessons available next year. However, they did encourage us all to email to let that part of the council know how much we got out of it - and - that we would all have been willing to pay more money. The idea being that if council is a little timid in spending the money, they would be more willing if the students paid more and they less.

It was $45 a class and $60 would be fine, saving council $15 a head per class. While only a saving of $300 per class, with a class on Saturday on Sunday each weekend for  almost 6 months (26 weeks) that's a potential saving to council of up to $7,800. If every little bit helps such a saving might push them over the line. - So the thinking goes.

We will see, though. I'll keep up to date with this as I have the council contact details.



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