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question about eyeglass prescriptions

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here we go
@ coastal found a NICE pair for 14.98 shipped. after using the free coupon. took almost $80 off. but will have to get the PD first and 15 dollars. lol. if that doesnt happen. can always go to walmart. these arent necessary atm. my left eye is whats known as plano. mainly needing no correction. right is -.25 so it thors distances off. aka fuzzy. cant read the gun posters at opposite end of building. used to be able to. so i may grab a pair. to use there. or when needed. mainly getting around is no hassle @ all

doc wont give PD unless im buying fomr their dispensary. but coastal gives a gauge to measure pd. i measured using inch rule. and converted coming up wiht 74.5mm. i have a metric rul @ shop. will use that tomorrow. then save $15 and go for it. if i dont make it to the 30th. no worries, will go to walmart

found a $100 pai , using coupon only charged shipping . doc wont give PD unless im buying from him. but i measured my pd using my jewelers rule. and got 74.5mm. did it three times, 74.5, 73.4and a hair under 76. but coastals choices are even numbers and .5 numbers. so its 74.5 or 75. im going with 74.5. just have to save up 15 for shipping. but still a hundred dollar pair of frames/lenses for 15 shipped is pretty damned good.

borrowed money from shop owner ordered glasses. 109. knocked down to 16.96 ( shipping and handling. was hte only charge. cant beat that. now i can concentrate on getting motohuffy finished

here in  a few days can see clearly. woot. looking forward to it.


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