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--- Quote from: codajastal on July 31, 2012, 10:42:34 PM ---I Married her!! Everyone knows married men don't have sex ....... doh

--- End quote ---

... beg to differ!!  :icon_twisted: .. but .. for the young studs out there ... an old bloke told me once "when you meet 'the one' lass and think yep this will be my future wife.. its important young fella!.. absolutely vital!! .. that whenever you get a bit before you are married that you put a coin in a jar and keep it safe! , then after you are married .. whenever you get a bit you take a coin out of the jar! ... i guarantee mate that you'll always have some spare change handy!"..

and now i pass along the knowledge to another generation  :thumb:

helped friend clean out his garage.  after moving hte maserati, and his robbie gordon razor out of hte way,  got to work. ( on day off)  he ordered the plate for my engine, for one of hte motorised bikes, as well as going to order this oen too so i can ride this one while PROPERLY getting the 66cc engine repaired. ordering the rest of parts this coming week. if net doesnt go down again . i see the oight @ the end of hte tunnel and it looks great. can finally give these painful legs a break


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