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Got a question for fellow gs owners! Has anyone joined a motocycle club or riding club?? What kinds are there around here in the US and is it worth it??

Just getting a feel.  :-X

sometimes. depends on club. was part of one with my HD. one that didnt have to stellar of a reputation. saw how htey treated their women, amongst other things,  and surrendered my patch. that aside. i still rode with them. just wasnt part of them anymore. is it worth it?, the right club yes. the wrong club no. what is right, what is wrong?, well, if yall share hte same interests and such. then it could be worthwhile to you. if they get you into riding like a squid, id suggest not. but many of them you learn a few things, from members that know. such as maintenance, how to shift properly etc, different techniques etc. with my 4gs' i rode wiht an informal group mostly metric bikes. a few hd's mine included. we just rode differnet places, tried different twisty roads etc. each ride, a different person chose the route, and place to eat etc.


Thanks for your input. Between my friend joining as a KDA and myself. I havn't looked into many. I know one for sport bikes and dual-sport. They are into tricks and stuff im not too interested in.

I think i'll stick to riding with friends and since my bud has joined one he hasn't been over much.


There are many riding groups on
I follow a few here.I can pick and chose the rides I want to goon. Most often the route is shown. They say what the riding style will be like so I can skip the advanced rides with the liter bikes.

Through meetup.,com  rides, I have met people that I ride with other times. It is a good way to meet lots of riders and see what's available in your area.

Fortunately, here in Washington we don't care what you  ride as long as you're save and your bike can keep up. I know some areas are rather segregated as to bike types and sizes. Couple weekends ago I went with a group of 15. Five people split off for a while to do high speed. In the group we went from a CBR250 to 1300cc bikes - sport, dual-sport and cruisers all riding together and having a great time.

While I have little trouble keeping up with the liter bikes, I prefer to stay away from the "advanced" rides. I prefer to enjoy the scenery.

agreed. while hitting the dragon id rather cruise and enjoy, and tbh let the advanced ridrs catch the fury of the highway patrol.


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