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Making a E an F work in progress

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Going to be making my 89 E and 89 F with the fairings i got from addiasguy. looks like its going to be alot more invovled to get everything to look just right. was going to use a U bolt to hold the upper fairings stay in place but it makes it go to the wrong angle so the side farings wont line up. so now just going to use the main fairing until i can weld a peice of flat stock on the steering tube like the F models have, but can't do that until winter time. if anyone has been able to make a E and an F without doing this let me know. will put some pics up tomorrow.

Pictures of the start.

I've always wanted to do this.  Definitely watching your progress sir!  If it were me, I'd borrow a mig (or if you want to invest in one) and get my tabs done.  Buddha did a write up one time when he welded on some tabs and needless to say, it wasn't flattering.

Myself, the new mig I picked up recently has been amazing compared to what I was using.  The 'changes' I'm doing to my GS have gone so much better!  Night and day difference.

Hope to see more of your progress!

On Aug, 27 I start to go back to school for Mobile equipment service tech, and wouldn't ya know what class i have this semester, basic welding and cutting. :D so i get to use the schools higher end stuff. i want to do a complete tear down and have the frame powder coated, and go thru the entire engine. so a lot will be happening after classes start.

Phil B:
that.. is.. just.. odd.
If i were cobbling on a fairing the hard way, I'd pick a fancier one.   but, congrats on getting the front cowl to stick on so far! :)


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