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New Toy to Teach the Wife on: 1980 Honda XL185S

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Got a new toy today, and it's awesome!  Got the little thumper for $800, and it's plated and registered already, so all I have to do is transfer title and plates.  Rode it 25 miles at it's top speed of around 55 mph back from the location to my buddy's parents farm house.  Then spent an hour teaching the wife how to ride for the first time.   This thing is so much fun, and everything on it is sound mechanically!  The inside of the tank is the cleanest I've ever seen for a vintage bike.  A few dents in the tank, but hey, it's still sweet...  Did my first wheelie on a bike on it too ;).

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My last name's not wilson...but I kind like the steel plate that they mounted in place of the side cover.  I have the original side covers and airbox too, maybe eventually I'll repaint them and put them on...

Just a few issues to deal with.
1. No rear pegs?  Are there supposed to be any on this bike?
2. Aftermarket exhaust needs to be better mounted
3. Needs mirrors
4. Something drains on the battery when it's off, so the lights only work after running the bike for a minute.  After that, they work fine.  Stupid old 6V systems....

This thing is F-U-N fun.

if its meant to carry passengers then yes it needs rear pegs. but im having a difficult time seeing where to put them. unless up high. @ thigh level of front rider. on frame. otherwise theyd end up on swingarm. and that can be dangerous on bumpy roads.

Big Rich:
Ya, I wouldn't worry too much about the passenger pegs. Not exactly a 2-up kind of bike. If you REALLY wanted to though, I'm sure you could get some clamp on universal pegs on the frame somewhere though.

One thing I would recommend - try to find some type of fork brace (usually just an older fender). It would sturdy up that front end.

One more thing: great score!

One of the best bikes ever built, congrats! Think I read somewhere that one of it's uses was in the Afgan wars of the '80's. They wanted a bike that was easy to ride/fix/service for the freedom fighters/terrorists (don't know who's side they were on then) to use in the desert. That motor is also the basis for the XR200 if I'm not mistaken. As far as I know the passenger footpegs were mounted on the swingarm.

Mr. Bombsquad83, that's a nice bike!  You'll (and She'll) have fun with it.


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