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One year ago my bike looked like this. One highside, a frankenbike rebuild and another crash had turned my bike to almost a total. Bent forks, bent clippons and levers, a front fender that started to melt against the exhaust and much more. 

I have finally got it back on the road, but it is not completely done yet. I have done   the     basic suspension upgrades like sonic 0.8 up front and r6 rear, and some minor tweeks like pegs and mirrors, a belly pan, thicker fork brace and painted most of the parts. I still got to fiks the dented tank and paint it. And some other minor things.

  The biggest change  so far  was when i installed a ktm duke headlight. I had to paint it and clean the reflectors  from a foggy layer of some sort.

It mounted real nice with the mounts for the round e-type headlight.  I just drilled two holes on the sides and used the stock bolt and nut.

On the bottom i used the original ktm bracket that bolts to the lower tripple, and made two simple exstensions that i can slide in and out to get the right angle, and bolted them to the lower tripple of the gs.

The ktm light uses hb3 halogen bulbs, and is really BRIGHT compared to the stock h4 bulbs. And they dont require any ballast or rewiring. I just cut off the old contactor and did some soldering.

Awesome Job :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Niceness!  :thumb:

I like how the underbody looks! very nice

Thanks :D
It look good in those pics, but the bellypan doesnt look as good from every angle..

But i love the way the headlight-mask creeps around the guages. And i love my new mirrors. I got them from a german e-bayer... for way more than i planned to spend.

Here you can see where my seat bendt backwards when my rear subframe broke off >:(

 As you can see i still got to weld it... and something seems a little off/out of line, but i hope its just the seat that is bent out of shape.

I wish i could do something like a tailswap, and i was made a sweeeet offer on a relatively complete tail from a kawasaki like this. But i also consider other options like a r1 or an older ninja tail.
But that will not happen this year. Now its just riding, riding and more riding.


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