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Tombs 87 Honda Super Magna

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Well, since everyone enjoyed my GS500 build, I was asked to make another for this bike. (hope yall dont mind since its not a GS)

1987 Honda VF700C Magna (Super Magna)
20K miles

Even trade for my GS and extra motor.

Just acquired it last night.

Basic maintenance was a MESS!!!!!!

Oil was WAYYYYYY overfilled.
Everything visually is/was either sun faded and/or Filthy!
As well as ALOT of metal cleaning to do as there is alot of rust spots, dullness, etc etc (nothing that elbow grease cant fix)
Brake and cable fluid was HORRIBLEEEEEEE! (coffee color and just NASTY goop all in the bottom of the resi)

But mechanically its Great, I can, will, and have already started taking care of the minor details.

What am I going to add or change to it tho?
At the moment, not much to start with as I want the metal to be shiny as hell and Spotless first!
First few tho, Progressive fork springs, Updated better headlight, and LED strips.
After that, who knows.
I WAS going to get forward controls ($300!!) but im comfortable with the mid controls and the front highway pegs atm.

Handlebars..... going to give it more time and see if I like these, or else go with drag style bars.

After I got back from running to the store and getting insurance.
Changed the oil to my old trusty Castrol 10W40 Synthetic racing oil.
Accidentally dripped lubricant spray on the controls that were almost White with sun fading and dirt.
Wiped it off and the spot went back to black!
So the controls and anything else plastic and black I just sprayed to hell with it and cleaned it off.
Came out VERY nice and its all back to black now.
Flushed out the brake and clutch fluid. (NASTY!!!!!) and MUCHHHHH smoother now!!!
Then I wanted to see how well the paint looked after 2 coats of wax.
Came out looking GREAT!!!!!
No need to repaint it At All! (friend has a compressor and I was planning on doing it properly but no point now)

Now the pics!

The side black box cover was more of a Grey then black.
After cleaning, now it looks Brand New!

Look at how Nasty the controls look and the handlebar mount as well as around the gauges.
After the clean up, looks Almost brand new!!

How faded the paint looks in the next 2 pics.

and here are the minor 3 pics I took after the non metal clean up and 2 coats of wax on the red.
I'll get more detailed pics tomorrow as im in for the night.

HUGEEEE difference!!


Thats it for today.
I'll take more detailed pics tomorrow and then pics of how far I get with scrubbing and polishing the metal.


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I AM DROOLING ON THE FLOOR AS I TYPE. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

I'm not big on cruisers but looks pretty good.

Thanks guys!

and just wait until the metal is all shined up Coda! hahahaha

Yeah I am actually half and half on sport bikes and cruisers.

I need both.

The GS tho, love the hell out of it but I simply outgrew it.
Not to mention I looked WAY too big for it anyways, well and I was too big as well because it wasnt always a very comfy ride.

niiiiiice..  :bstar:

i didnt read the title properly though .. and was just taking a deep breath to rant about how the hell would anyone want to restore a Magna (mitsubishi car) !!!! .... which i seem to have developed a pathological hatred of ... I've owned 2 .... 'fool me twice shame on me!'

i would happily ride along with .. and should the opportunity ever arise $ wise , own this kinda bike as an addition to the 'stable'... a lot of cruisers even though they are marketed as 'individual styling' .. are just too .... bland....

its like harleys ... most of them i dont mind and would test ride but not own... but the new '48' i'm quite taken with ..

i reckon you gonna need a colour matched helmet (if subscribe to helmets anyway) though.  O0


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