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Tombs 87 Honda Super Magna

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Update!  :thumb:

Since im stuck waiting until Weds & Thurs for the exhaust parts, might as well clean up the metal and everything else until then.

Sanded down the lower fork tubes the other day, came out pretty nice!
Took the tank off, cleaned up under there as it was quite dirty, and waxed the frame for extra protection.
As well as scrub and wax rear lower areas of the frame as well.

This morning, went up to Harbor freight and got some buffing pads for my drill and compound.
As well as mothers polish yesterday.

Started out on the right side cover that I sanded before.
Polished to a mirror shine!!

After buffing but before polishing.

after buffing but before polishing.

Fork tubes came out freakin GREATTTTTTT!!!!!!
Look back at one of the previous pics at how bland, dull, and aged they were!

After buffing and polishing!

kk back to work!!  :thumb:

Update and break time!  :thumb:

Right side cover finally finished!

What a freakin difference!!!!  :icon_eek:

top is as good as its gonna get for now.
hard to sand on the bolt areas on top.


Update!!!  :thumb:

Done for the day!!!

So beat, filthy, sweaty, & sore!
Cant wait to just relax in the tub for awhile!

Left cover all shined up!

Might go over it again with 1500 and 2000 grit, buff and polish it again for good measure.



Also got the rear headers back in with fresh gaskets.

UGH Im never taking those off again!
Such a pain getting the bolts back in from like NO room!!!

and next, tomorrow or Monday.
Take off the pegs and do the same to those.
Mostly because of the rust.

Small update.

Havnt had time to do much of pretty much Anything.
A few Minor things is all.

Buffed and Polished the rear rim and levers.
and added stock 88 decals to the tank vs the ugly honda wing 87 ones.

Got my exhaust parts in yesterday, was Very freakin happy....... until I took them down to the welder....
Said he cant get to them until late Sat or Sun.........
Pretty ticked off at that as if he woulda let me know that when I initially asked, I could of called some shops for quotes and made an app before the parts even got here!!!!

So now im stuck again! ><

Heres how shes sittin right now.
Exhaust is off and side covers, along with a few things under the seat as I need them off to get the exhaust back on when its done.


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