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Just My Bike - 2009 Suzuki GS500 (Review & Journal)

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Just joined the forum, it appears to be the most useful sight on the interwebs for the GS500.  Just picked up my bike yesterday, its a 2009 Black GS500 - the 'naked'? version.  Rode it home in the rain and dark.  I plan to use this thread to talk about my bike, post my pictures of my bike, and record some of my ideas.

Need to improve the headlight a bit if I am going to do more riding in the dark outside of the city.  Tank bag would be nice.  Some kind of otter box to store my insurance and ownership in the tail... I am also trying to get it in for service.  It has 10,500 km's and no service history was available.  The PO seemed responsible, but who knows, I am mainly interested in a valve inspection and carb sync as I don't have the tools or manual yet and want to get out and ride before the weather turns.  Once I have the manual I'll do more servicing my self.

Previous Bikes:

2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900C
2008 Harley Crossbones
2010 BMW F800GS

What I wanted with this bike:
Cheap to buy, cheap to own, reliable, fun to ride (light, peppy & agile), easy to work on (I like a little wrenching during the non-riding season).  Bike will be used for 90% commuting, 10% jaunts out side the city and some minimal 2 up riding - a trip for coffee or ice cream on the weekend.  I hope this bikes turns out be be what I wanted.

Ok, so I have about 90km's on my new to me bike so far.  That basically consisted of riding from the PO's house to my house.  It was dark and raining.

I just came off an F800GS - adventure touring bike - Long travel suspension, enduro styling.  I almost immediately hated the GS500, I felt cramped and the bike was less responsive than I anticipated.  I had a chance to sit on the bike and ride it up the block prior to buying but this was my first real ride.

So, after riding for a few minutes I start to get used to the 'new' bike.  The seating really isn't cramped (I am 6'2") it's just different.  I got used to my foot angle and the shifting and braking quickly.  And I found I needed to keep the rev's a little higher to get the bike to perform how I wanted it to.  With the rain and it being a new bike I was overly cautious in the corners but I could tell the bike will be much better than any of my previous bikes for the corners - can't wait.  My @$$ began to hurt about after about an hour, but that's standard for any bike I've ridden - I get used to it and it won't bug me.  Oh - and my rear brakes squeal...

Overall impression so far is that this bike will be a great bike for bombing around town - exactly why I got it. 

Edited: For crappy spelling.

A few Pic's from the PO's ad to sell the bike.

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Welcome!  I'm always interested in what people have to say about the gs versus their other bikes.  Looks good too.  Glad to have you on Zach.  :thumb:

Thanks cbrfx67,

So I got home today and took a look at the bike.

Project 1: Sticker Removal... hmm no easy button... well a gold star will have to do.   :star:

I really can't ride around with the stickers staring me in the face

So, I've done this project a couple of times before and thru trial and error I've come to trust the results I get with a hair drier.  A buddy of mine at work did this sticker removal using 'means unknown' on his Bandit and basically has white sticker residue now, instead of the sticker.  I would hate that more.  The trick with the hair drier is to let the glue heat up enough that it turns sticky again making the sticker easier to peel.  I just want to start the edge and pull - not scratch it off with a finger nail.

Hurry while the wife's not home...

One down, one to go

Those stickers had been on their for close to 4 years I imagine.  A little window cleaner to clean up the edge lines and now its as if they weren't there.

They might have came off fine with out the hair drier, but this method hasn't failed me yet.


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