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'93 GS - Black Widow build

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So I've finally decided what direction I'm going to take with my GS, and I'm really excited to get it started! For now it's all just aesthetics, since I can't afford to go performance yet. So let the ideas fly on my bikes much needed makeover please...

Here's how she sits right now... Please try to hold the puke in, I know it's tough lol

I've been thinking how I was going to paint this bike since I bought it 2 months ago. I've settled in on gloss black and redfire metallic (2004 Ford Mustang dark red) I think, but once again I need to let it simmer. I did a quick little paint "photoshop" tonight and I'm really liking it so far

And take this and have a decal made of it for the sides of the tank, because I love this kind of art and it ties in well with the colors. Just the spider, none of the side parts of the piece

I'll update this thread as I make some progress. I'll have the bike back tomorrow, then it's time to get started gathering supplies and what not. I'm not riding it daily in its current state of ugly  :2guns:

To do list:
1. Paint
2. New headlight(s)? Can anyone help me out on this part? I hate the stock light on this thing
3. Drag bars/straight bars/whatever they are actually called. Basically just a straight piece of pipe for the bars instead of the curvy stock thing
4. Gauges/Mirrors/Turn signals/control on bars for signals/horn/etc. Once again, I'm not really sure where to look.

And hopefully soon she'll be a head turner for the right reasons

That light isn't stock..  Or at least, it doesn't appear to be.

Good plan on the colors, that thing is awful right now.   :icon_eek:

I think it will be great.  If it were me I would do the frame black and handle the red with accents and accessories.  Wires, bolts, covers, seat stitching/piping, wheel stripes and decals or painted accents. 

Good luck on your project.

Keep it like it is!  Looks great!  Ok I'm kidding.  I really like the black on red frame.  Will be great to see you bring it together.  How does it run??

RE: Headlight

It's not the "real" stock headlight, this POS was made in some African country I've never heard of. I just don't like the one big light thing on the bike period. I'd rather have 2 smaller lights side by side. Just not sure where to find such a creature without venturing into what I know... KC Hilites, Hella 500s and the like lol. I come from the truck world

RE: Black and red

Black frame with red accents would be pretty cool... But I dig the red frame idea too. The GS has a nice looking frame, and I kind of want to show it off.

Red wheel pinstripes, most definately. I just didn't have the patience in MS paint to do them  :mad: I want the bike to be very clean looking, but still turn some heads for being done a little differently. Kinda like now, but with good head turns!

RE: Mechanical stuffs

Just got her back today from a carb problem that was really getting me mad. Turns out that when the needle seat fell out and let the left carb flood everything, it clogged my pilot jet. I didn't want to tear completely into the carb mainly because I didn't have any carb cleaner at the house, or the time since I'm working about 8 days a week  :nono: Once my suzuki certified buddy cleaned and tuned the carb, she's running better than when I bought her now. Still sounds like something is  a little off though. When coming to a stop the revs seem to drop a bit low then rise back to proper idle RPM. But I don't know what the engine is doing, I currently don't have any gauges. And sometimes when letting off the throttle it seems to hang up a bit on it's own before dropping revs.

Aside from those (I think to be) minor things, the bike seems to be mechanically sound. I'm just doing maintenence now.

Now a question to end this novel of a post: How bad is it to run with gas in the oil? I did it today for about 20 miles just to get the bike home. I'm changing oil/filter tomorrow. When the carb was flooding it seeped into the oil


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