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Cheers n HI!


Hey There,

I'm trying my newbie hand at doing some work on my 2004. So glad to have found this forum!

Could use a ton of pointers, especially with tire change right now.

My GS has been off the road and needs some TLC! This is a do it youselfer, and there's definitely no better way to learn every inch of my bike, starting with the tires. The old Batallax bt45s were a PITA to remove. Ugh!

Now lots of cleanup to do on rims. I could really use some pointers on grease n stuff as well. This chick would love some pointers, for sure.

Anyways, nice to meetcha all!

Big Rich:
Welcome to the site!

Changing tires yourself? Good for you..... scrub the wheel bead area down so the new tires get a clean seat on the time. And while the wheels are off, stick your finger in the wheel bearings (one on each side) and spin. If they are anything other than buttery smooth they need replaced. For getting new tires on, I like using heavy duty zip ties (search it on the Tube) - tires practically fall on this way.

There are a few areas that need grease, but is there a problem with your bike?

Generally speaking, the brakes are overlooked by previous (and new) owners. So unless your lines are brand new, I highly recommend overhauling them.

Hi Nilacorns! Welcome to the forum... glad ya found it!

I couldn't agree more about doing things yourself and learning soooo much about the bike that way. I've owned my GS for almost 6 years now and certainly picked up a lot of information along the way from here and the wiki and youtube....

 :woohoo: to have another chick around the site! I'm quite outnumbered here lol... hope ya stick around girl!


welcome to ze nuthaus :)
anyways getting new tires on either use levers to get the new ones on with a bit of lube, (and  remove the vvalve cores preferrably , you  can get these at any parts place which allows an air compressor to seat the beads) or if you  have a shop mount and balance thos., you can save somem oney by bringing the wheels to a shop off the bike
i agree with the brake pads also. also consider perhaps an oil change.


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