Author Topic: Best regards from Türkiye :) New member and have some questions :)  (Read 1140 times)

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Hello gents, i've been looking for this moment to sign on this forum, here i am.

I am from Türkiye apperantly, and i will be a GS500 owner in a couple of days.  :D

So let me tell you the story about the bike.

GS500's are not imported to my country after 2004 and we dont have the F model, we only have the naked one.

I've recently found a gem.

First owner (60 years old retired police owner) in a full original status (even the mirrors, turn indicators, everything is original, even the tires are 2004 year made, of course i'll be putting on Rosso 2's asap :) )

The bike is on 31.000 km's, owner says he changed oil every 5000 km's with oil filter as well.

I believe its the cleanest GS500 left on my country and i jumped it the moment i saw it.

We made the deal, he sent me the videos of bikes condition, working sounds etc ( if you want to hear it and advise me i can put a link for you )

I know GS500 is a very durable and rigid bike but i have some questions if you would like to help out a new brother. :)

1- Which stuff i should be careful about when i will examining the bike (not seen it yet, will go to the man 3-4 days later and if i like it i will buy it )

2- How is the engine life on GS500's ? I believe 31.000 km's is a low number for GS, i believe it has way too many lives left in the engine block.

3- Can i go for 110/70R17 150/60R17 when i'm buying brand new tires, or if i shouldnt which ones are recommended for me ? ( i would like to go for bigger tryes because its a 500 CC bike, you know, for reasons :) )

4- How is the parts foundability ? If i need a part, can i find it on internet easily, prefably brand new ? ( i can use ebay amazon or paypal )

That is my questions so far, i'm very very open to advises so, feel free to leave em here.

It's a honour to join you guys and your family. I'm so glad i'm here :)

Take care, ride safe.

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Re: Best regards from Türkiye :) New member and have some questions :)
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2018, 04:55:06 AM »
Welcome and put pics of the bike up.
On a naked 04 - you wont have any problems, the plastics are shared through 09 and other parts as well.
Regular use and regular maintenance - nothing to beat that.
31K  KM is about 20K miles. Yea easy to get to 80K mile range with regular use and maintenance.
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Re: Best regards from Türkiye :) New member and have some questions :)
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 04:36:02 PM »
Hi and Welcome.

As Buddha said - " Regular use and regular maintenance - nothing to beat that."
These bikes thrive on use and oil changes.
When you're looking around the forum just take a note of how many times a 'sad story' will start with "the bike's been sitting for..."
At 31000ks, with an oil change every 5000ks (and probably one at 1000ks), your bike has seen seven oil changes - ideal.  :thumb:

The only other things to look out for are simple old age problems - those bits that don't actually wear out but just get old - brake lines, fuel lines, rubber boots etc.
If the bike is in absolutely stock condition and running well - seriously consider leaving it that way. (Maybe swap the standard spark plugs for an Iridium option, they are more expensive but they have a much longer service life and, just from my experience, produce a better fuel burn.)

As for tyres (Michelin should pay me for this) the Michelin Street Radials offer great wet and dry grip and a looooong service life.

Have fun.

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Re: Best regards from Türkiye :) New member and have some questions :)
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2018, 10:04:46 PM »
Most 150 width tires will not fit. Tires that wide will rub on the rear brake support arm. You can bend that arm but since you found such a clean GS you should stick with 130 or 140 width tires and resist the urge to modify a pristine bike. I recommend pirelli sport demons. The bike was designed to run on bias ply tires.
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I was in Turkey a few years ago and saw one parked up at Yatagan power station near Milas.
 Didn’t know they made it to Turkey.

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a taller tire makes a difference on the GS too. also makes the tires look less anemic, despite being the same width tire.  :thumb:


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