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95 GS 500e. no to intermittent spark
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:06:46 PM »
Hey all,

I am new to bikes as I need a change from muscle cars.  I purchased a 95 GS500E recently.  The bike has been sitting for some time.  I have no spark.  I used a spark tester as well.  The only time it lights up is when the starter " stutters" and not when it is cranking.  The rest of the electronics work.  I used a battery, jump pack, and jumper cables from a car.  Still get the same result.  I also tried starting it with the kickstand up and down.  Same annoying result.  There are no cut or pinched wires that I can see.  All of the connections are tight.  What is the most likely problem?  What are these bikes known for?  Should I replace the coils?  Any help would be appreciated.....I am losing my mind

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Re: 95 GS 500e. no to intermittent spark
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2019, 08:43:50 PM »
The only switches that will affect the ignition circuit are the Main ignition (key) switch and the Run/Stop switch.  Since the starter cranks, these are not an issue.

Assuming that spark testing was done on both cylinders, check the signal generator coils to the ignitor box (B/Bl - Br & B/Bl - G/W) for resistance, 250-420 Ohms).

Next, open the right signal generator cover and look inside for any damage, metal shavings, etc.  Make sure the rotor is secure, undamaged, aligned, and not spinning freely.  Make sure pickup coils are secure.

Check coils primary (- & + terminals), 3-6 Ohms, secondary (+ & cap), 18-30K Ohms.

Check inside the caps and spark plug terminals for signs of arcing.

Crank engine in total darkness, make sure no "lightning" from cables.  If one has a megaohmeter (very few do), use that instead.

Check wiring harness between coils, ignitor box, and signal generator with a multimeter.  Do a "flex test" on wires and connectors.  Clean connectors.

Double and triple check everything again because it is rare for the ignitor box to go bad, but not impossible.  Expensive if wrong too.  If everything else checks however, it's the only thing left.
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