Author Topic: mr72's '92 project - "Renegade"  (Read 24410 times)

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Re: mr72's '92 project - "Renegade"
« Reply #220 on: April 08, 2020, 01:15:31 PM »
Yea jet upwards till you peak and start to decline on the richer side. Then back up to the peak. You cant tell the peak till you have passed it, then you'd definitely know. Post your setup.
Sputter at opening throttle is likely pilot jet - but get the mains sorted first, like you noticed going up to 127.5 did affect that lower throttle opening as well.
Likely you end up with a much bigger main and hence have to drop down to a smaller pilot.
Set floats right - that is the first thing you need to do - then mains, then needle, then pilot then air screw.
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