Author Topic: FOR SALE: OEM European GS500 Clip-ons -- the real thing -- and other parts  (Read 230 times)

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  • My 1991 GS500E
Hi all, I am sellling the set of European OEM mid-rise clip-ons that I bought from Adidasguy back in 2010 but have never gotten around to installing on my 1991 GS500E.

They are complete and in good condition.
All bolts, rubber grommets, collars and all parts, including right and left stubby handlebars and mounts are included.

$150 plus shipping.

Rare as hens teeth, I believe is the phrase.

I also have other parts for sale:

early Mikuni BS33 carb set, I bought from someone here on the list a few years for spare parts. I don't need them.
One bowl had a broken off drain tip, though the drain screw operates to halt the flow. Some people are just animals.  :)
$50 plus shipping, they are complete.

Stock rear shock    good condition  $40 plus shipping

K&N drop in air filter, fits in stock airbox, with installation collar, needs to be cleaned and reoiled   -- I use the Unifilter but never got around to trying this one. I had purchased it from someone else on the list a few years ago.   $30 plus shipping

New Suzuki DL650 V-Strom handguard set --- someone had posted a few years ago about mounting these on their GS500 for winter riding to ward off the chill while riding. They included details posts about it. I bought some from Suzuki and have never installed them. New in packaging with standard directions for Burgman. I imagine the links are still here on the site. I will find them for you.  :)   Suzuki part No. 57300-27822-291  for Suzuki V-strom DL650 Knuckle Cover Set Black. $50 plus shipping.

Stock GS500 OEM stamped fork brace   $10 plus shipping   with mounting hardware

Used Plexifairing 2 full size windscreen with universal mounts for GS500.   I bought this several years ago from someone here on the list and never installed it.  $60 plus shipping, with all hardware. Good condition.

Right and left rear painted side covers (side fairings, bodywork) in 1991 GS500 Blue     I bought these used from Adidasguy as well.
Good condition, stock paint and decals,  $70 plus shipping

Let me know what you can use.

Photos on request.



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  • My 1991 GS500E
None of you are looking for parts like these, including the amazing and hard to find OEM European clip ons?
Man, this site sure has changed from the old days when people were craving the parts for these bikes. :)
Let me know, last chance folks.  :)
Thanks.   :)
1991 GS500E owner

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I agree,...miss the days when the forum was buzzing!
"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."

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Ditto. I looked long and hard for OEM clip-ons and had to buy them in stages - top plate, risers, bar-ends - and probably spent close to that much. Would have been nice to have one-stop shopping.

Good prices on the K&N filter and fork brace. I would have snapped them up, if I wasn't selling my GS.

I've listed it locally, at least 200 people have checked out the ad, it's a much better deal than the other GS500s out there, but not one nibble. Not sure what gives.
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Gosh, I almost want to scoop these clip-ons up just to have them. But I'm very happy with the Vstrom handle bars I have on my GS right now and I never did like how you could pinch your right thumb on Patrick's bikes.

I agree the site has changed. For one thing, modern social media is killing great forums like this one. But more than that; the GS ridership has changed (the last new GS500 arrived at US dealers 10 years ago) and people are looking for different things in motorcycles these days. The number 1 selling bike in Europe last year was the Honda XADV 750. An adventure SCOOTER. Clip on bars, bikini fairings, rear huggers, and solo seat cowls used to be the hot ticket for the GS500 but that look is apparently out of style. I don't get that, since its just a sportier version of the cafe and scrambler look that's hot right now.

What do you mean by "last chance?"
Hopefully off to eBay and not the dumpster. PM me if there is a lower price you are willing to sell them for. They can sit on my shelf next to the airbrush rear-hugger waiting for the day when my GS goes back to sport mode. Right now its in adventure mode with full luggage and TKC-80 knobbie tires. ...I do wish Honda would bring the XADV to the USA......
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I do agree about social media taking traffic away from forums. It sucks because I've run into the mentality that "forums just need to die." But to me, forums most certainly do have their place and they are very valuable... especially for searching.

I'm an Admin on the "Suzuki GS500" facebook group and I'm glad to say it's pretty active. It makes me happy to see people very into the bike and learning about it and sharing pictures, etc. The forum and the wiki get brought up and linked to a lot... but this recent issue with the forum not being available to some people (including myself) has really hurt things even further.
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