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Engine swap???

Started by Rangerkyote, October 13, 2006, 11:48:51 PM

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Does anyone know of another engine that fits in the GS?  The frame on these things suck really bad for even thinking about this but I'm wondering if something like a V-4 from a Magna or maybe the SV650 motor would fit. 
I'm already picturing the smart ass responses, 'why not buy a SV650?'  Well, I like the way my bike is set up and I can do a swap for cheaper.  On top of that, a sub-500cc bike is cheaper insurance-wise.  And to cap it all off, I like having something different than every other tard sport biker out there.  Did I mention everyother tard sport biker out there that can't turn a wrench?  Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey for those of you who've never tried.
Back to the question...  What fits?  Or has anyone tried this before?
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What fits?

Well if you're looking for more power there's nothing, but if you want to tinker there's always the hyosung Comet.

Drop some 78mm pistons in there. You'll need GPZ1100 pistons. That will give you about 10 to one and about 541cc. Dygver (sp?) has one set up like that.

There are some stroker bikes out there. 632cc's is about as far as it will go without breaking with the twist of a throttle. (680 has been had before however by our own Srinath)

Turbo. It has been done, and RangerBrown just popped his mill with 10psi.

Head work is always an option, and there are a few cams out there.

Speaking of heads, if you're feeling industrious a GSXR 750 head chopped in half works on the GS, but it's not a simple operation by far.

If something fits that's bigger than Hyosung's 250cc V-twin I don't know about it.

I may be full of shaZam!, but isn't the frame the same as what housed the GS1100? If that fits.... (Mak, make it work! and be powered by wind!)

Regardless there's not a lot of quick solutions.
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I'm thinking that frame will only fit something only two cylinders wide.  That's why I was thinking V-4 or a big twin.  I think the early Honda Interceptors were V-4s.  Wonder if that would work.
92 GS500E - sold.
75 CB750 - sold.
95 VFR750 - sold.
90 GSX-R - for sale.
99 CBR XX - not for sale, yet.


I think that you could probally get just about any V twin to fit. You could let the forward cylinder stick a little forward of the frame down tubes, like the old ducatis. If it's a lliquid cooled bike, you'd need to get creative with the radiator though. Two smaller ones mounted on the side of the bike with some scoops would probally work.

If you don't mind cutting and welding a little, I bet an inline four could fit in there. I think a V 4 would be too long and wide though.

I think Buels crash quite frequently due to their extreme steering geometry and short wheelbase (I had a tank slapper on the test ride  :o ) one of those would be a good engine (not the blast).

Just keep your eyes open for something fast and wrecked, and find a welder  :thumb:
Have fun  :cheers:


A GR650 mill will fit.  Maybe an SRX600/XT600/TT600.  Why not put a RM250 motor in it?  How about a CR500?  Or, a CRF450?  Or, a DR650?  A Yami 660?
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No more HP.

8.7 to 1 compression.

I'll bet it makes good torque though.

Now with some high compression pistons and a nice overbore this 650 would become a eater of souls.
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If I were to do an engine swap, I think I'd get a GR650 engine, built it a little bit. Also a CR500 engine would be like sex. Light too.

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I'm getting ready to swap a Modified Suzuki T500 into the GS Frame. :thumb:
Here's my Blog.
I haven't gotten to do much to it yet because of Work and Other Assorted BS.My Cylinders are still at the Machine Shop Setting in the Floor where I left them back in the Spring. :mad: :mad: I do have the Bottom end for it and Hae a Spare set of Cylinders in New Mexico at Aylor Engineering that I need to get sent back so I can do some Measuring.I'm sure I'm going to have to do some Major Frame Modifying at the Front down tubes because the way the Head Pipes come out of the Cylinders. :mad: :mad: No Problem though. I can Make and Weld in a Cross Brace in the Center of the Frame between where the Head pipes will hit the Frame.Then Cut the Frame Down Tubes out and leave the X in Place. :thumb: I'm Hoping that a Set of Swarbrick Expansion Chambers will fit the Frame.They come as a Kit with the Cones Already formed.You fit them and Weld them Up.I'll probably Switch the Aftermarket 34mm Mikuni's from my orange Bike to this one and just run Standard 32mm Carbs on it.Wether all of this will work out in the end or no I don't Know.It seems Possible in my Head but Applying it to everything I have on hand. :dunno_white: :dunno_white: :dunno_white:
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This has some possibilities:

With a modern ignition and a 2 in to 1 exhaust it should make quite a bit more power.
92 GS500E - sold.
75 CB750 - sold.
95 VFR750 - sold.
90 GSX-R - for sale.
99 CBR XX - not for sale, yet.


ive heard of a german guy chucking a dr 800 enginne in the gs. standard the engine is only putting out 55hp but with a little bit of tweaking his was up around the 70hp mark
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look at the dr650 or xr650l engines from dual sport bikes.  Aftermarket support for those engines is super large because of the large amout sold. Thumpers= cool. plus those are air cooled. If you wanted water cooled get the xr650r engine = tha shiz. Dual sport  splt radiators come standard check out the klr650 radiators. good numbers for hp but especially the torque.


I don't think a 650 thumper out of a dual sport would be worth it. I'm sure you could get it to fit but it wouldn't be any faster. I drag raced a brand new klr 650 and I beat him (barely). Just kep your eyes open for something wrecked and cheap, and go from there.  :cheers:



the dr has been done- not much support for the dr really, one A/M piston, one A/M cam...didn't sell that many
the xr/xl has much better aftermarket support
the 600 has been done...emathy i think...good support but engines are weak higher than 70ish hp.... need the european elec start cases and the sweedish? sand cast cylinder
CR/KX 500 would be interesting....bad thing is wide ratio trans and only 4 speed and
the engine is not designed to run at WOT for long periods of time.....serious vibration!!!!!!!!!!
have heard of the T-500 conversion
the GR-651 is very interesting.... big torquey engine revs lower due to 9mm longer stroke
other bad thing is 5 speed tranny

other options....start measuring everything you come across

I got a 2003 ZX-9 sitting in the back of the truck right now.....$800
forks snapped off and tumbled into a truck
engine needs an exhaust pipe....else complete changeover kit

pick up only for the next couple of days.....else i sell it to the breaker yard
parts only, bill-o-sale

central NC
want Iain's money to support my butt in kens shop


A zx9 engine sounds like fun, worth chopping and welding  :cheers:


I like this guy.  Too bad nothing came of this.  From the depths,.....
"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."

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