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Started by -ahven-, April 10, 2009, 01:53:53 PM

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New(ish) user is saying hi!

I have worked with this little project since i bought it last fall. All I thought to do was change oil and wash it up but due the long and cold winter, I decided to pump it up a little.

The bike is 1992 GS500E, having about 50 thousand kilometers driven roads behind. My first bike ever. Not a rocket but altogether satisfying machine to chill the brains for the hardened brick who drives a car. Was cheap and good.

The starting point:


Little modding, dual headlights and raising tail four inches:

Tail was raised only by raising rearfairings and drinking lots of beer. No Good. And dual lights looked so common... Needed something more.

Then I found cheap tail from Yamaha R6. Was bargain:

Ain't so easy to fit that tail around. Needed lots of anger, (more) beer and Dremel. Fitting fairings from other bike model sucks, I can tell. Also I made seven millimeters shorter dogbones to rear. Made rear raise and better feel to handle.

Polishing rims:

Waiting for the spring was tiring. Decided to polish my white(ish), rough and ugly rims. Had very psychedelious times with paint remover, long nights with sandpaper. After three weeks of hard wanking I become satisfied (with the rims of course, think this metaphor works better in finnish than in english).


Red-blue-white-whatever-coloured bike undressed her fairings and sent them to the painter.

Must say, ifyou have  couple of hundred euros hanging, spend those euros to paint your darling. "Colour Your Life" may sound kind of a ghey but this is a exception. Worth of every eurocent. Makes hellofa change on old bike.

Spring was coming, so it was time to mount a new headlight (slightly modded Polisport Alien). Also removed rev-counter to wait for the time I find something smaller, maybe some Koso- meter.
Never finished but always on the run:

Ride on fellows!

...and sorry for my bad english :dunno_white:


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very creative very nice work,. a bit bigger or more headlights would look nice,.
teh wheel are magnif,.


I really like that rear end, very sporty and surprisingly fitting, although a bit rough up near the tank.



that's awesome work there my friend.   Never apologize for your English skill, it is excellent.  Congratulations on a fine machine!
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Thanks for the comments fellows. Can't imagine any headlight that suits better than that... Any suggestions?

It's morning and lovely springweather here in Finland. I'm about to hit the road. See ya later.


Looks tidy - but I wouldn't sacrifice my rev counter. Have a look at CZOKO's solution (bicycle speedo in original rev-counter)
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Quote from: theGrinch on April 11, 2009, 02:55:04 AM
Looks tidy - but I wouldn't sacrifice my rev counter. Have a look at CZOKO's solution (bicycle speedo in original rev-counter)

I will put the rev counter back in place when I get my digital speedo calibrated. It's just a simple bicycle speedo I'm planning to fit. I'll work it out tomorrow and upload more pics.


Love those polished wheels, and your English is better than most of ours!  :cheers:
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Where in Finland are you from? I'm an Aussie but my wife is from the Oulu area. We'll be back there in July for the summer  :)


Quote from: drewbytes on April 11, 2009, 01:27:51 PM
Where in Finland are you from? I'm an Aussie but my wife is from the Oulu area. We'll be back there in July for the summer  :)

I'm from southern Finland, 40 kilometers from Helsinki, 500 kilometers from Oulu ;) But you are welcome to come visiting if you find yourself cruising nearby :icon_razz:


Today I re-installed old gauges. It was annoying to drive without rev-counter. Now it looks kinda crappy but maybe soon I find something betterlooking. Painted the frame matt black and put some foam plastic to tighten gauges up.
Also installed spoiler over the gauges. Hides gauges very well when you look from front but when you look from back, you see those old fashioned pieces of history.

It was nice,though cold day to drive around. Drove couple of hundred kilometers. Temperature was only +2,5 celsius when I came back a moment ago. Goddamn I am frozen.

Couple of pics more:


I'm Back!

Some update and more pics:

Put back old rev-counter and made that assembly better looking:

Also made some other cosmetic mods:

Installed also new rear tyre. Old was made 2001 :o Much more better handling now :D

Couple of more pics:

New rev/speedgauge and takkon exhaust is still coming on... Some day.


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Very nice work!  And your wanking metaphor seems to work OK in English, too.
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Question, What's the thing in this pic, with the wire mesh over it and zip tied to the electric harness?


which seat did you have to modify to work, the r6 or gs?


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