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What have you done for your bike today????

Started by qwiky, July 29, 2010, 07:10:38 AM

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Here is how this thread works.....reply to this message with what you have done for your bike today...installed a new part? Washed it? Lubed your chain? snuggled in the garage? anything!
Blue GS500F K8 , zerogravity dubs bubs, clip-ons, sexy passenger ;)


Me and my '08 GS reside in Derbyshire, England.


* Put on a new (to me) stator cover (that wasn't scratched all to hell like my other one was).

* Took off the fairning brackets. (waiting for my new handlebars, levers, mirrors, headlight brackets and dominator headlight)  :thumb:
2007 GS500 Fighter


I'm picking up the new oil pan gasket so I can finish the engine rebuild, and I"m starting to build a set of rear pegs out of steel tubing because the guy before me removed the mounts by cutting them off.


I rode it to work this morning. I do need to give it a bath! Maybe I'll do that after work.
2005 Suzuki GS500F
K&N Lunchbox
20/65/142.5 jetting
Flush Mount Front Signals


FINALLY got some bar end mirrors, put them on today, love them. I'll get to use them on the way to work and see how well they serve their primary purpose, but they look much better than the stock "antenna" mirrors, and really compliment the clip ons.

Also have new spark plugs about to go in.....


I built a custom, braced swingarm to fit my 17X5 YZF600R wheel and 160mm rear tire.



I will this evening.  I'm still waiting for a sprocket carrier and axle before I can get it all together.


gotcha, lookin forward to seeing that, sounds sick.


90 gs5 04 Fairings(that's right)
LP flushmounts up front  shortened turn signals
Kanatuna rear wheel swap
Kat FE


Got a new banjo bolt with bleed nipple for my front brake system.

That, and some new spark plugs



put a ram mount for my GPS behind the cluster. Wired in a cigarette lighter to charge my GPS. Next week: integrated tail light and fenderectomy!
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                       2009 Suzuki GS500F (rest in peace)
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i left it parked in the driveway as i rode my bicycle to work. xD
rustbucket on wheels that go vroom vroom and stuff.

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black and silver twin

07 black GS500F; fenderectomy, NGK DPR9EIX-9 plugs, 15T sprocket, Jardine exhaust, K&N lunchbox, 20-62.5-152.5 jets 1 washer, timing advance 6*, flushmount signals,Tommaselli clipons over tree, sv650 throttle, 20w forkoil, sport demon tires, Buddha fork brace, Goodridge SS lines, double bubble


I bought it a motor two days ago, it should be happy enough about that.


I let it take my @ss to work so I can afford to put more fuel in her, so we can go on trips together  :thumb:
Besides I got her inspected today.
Yellow 2004: K&N Lunchbox, Leo Vince SBK, 2005 GSXR Turn Signals, 20/65/147.5, 15T front sprocket, Progressive Springs etc...

"Bikes get you through times of no money better than money gets you through times of no bikes." - Phineas


lubricated the chain with my chainsaw oil  :icon_confused:


Figured out a way to hoist the front end off the ground, then removed the front wheel for some new rubber as well as front pads tomorow


Rode it to work but when I get home changing the flasher relay for an LED friendly one.

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