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12V Usb ipod charger!

Started by qwiky, July 20, 2011, 11:17:39 AM

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Heres My Solution to a dead ipod on long road trips.
the shopping list
-12v outdoor lighter socket
-12v usb lighter socket adapter
-fuse holder
-10 amp fuse *not TOO sure about this one since nothing has been fried and the fuse hasn't blown*
-assorted connectors

the special thing about the usb adapter, it says "input 12-24 Volts" while the ignition is off the battery puts out 12V when the ignition is ON but the bike is not running it produces 11V.. BUT when you start the bike. the higher you rev the more volts it produces... MAKES SENSE! while warming up at around 4k RPM it made 14-15V so i doubt it would goo over the 20V fuse built into the bike.

Always ON unless you take the adapter out

All the items were bought at a Canadian tire

Enjoy the Ride!
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your ipod charges at about 5 volt
there is "stuff" in the plug that regulates the voltage to 5 V for the ipod

all is good
want Iain's money to support my butt in kens shop


no such thing as a 20V fuse, 20Amp is whatcha mean

10 amps might be even a bit high for the fuse the most a 5v charger pulls is 2 amps so a 5amp fuse is 2.5 the average load (right in the sweet spot for fuses)

also the fuse needs to be on the positive side, a fuse on the negative side is useless as its past the load.

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