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'90 Black Rat Beater

Started by Soloratov, April 06, 2012, 03:17:02 PM

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Not really sure what to call this mashup beater bike I've put together.

I'll call her....Victim of Changes. Still need some cosmetic alterations to suit my desires but I'm close.


By maddtraxxrc at 2012-04-06

By maddtraxxrc at 2012-04-06


By maddtraxxrc at 2012-04-06

What I did:

- Complete motor swap. Old one had no compression, and the bike came with a spare! I know! Spare parts!
- Yup, that's spray on bedliner
- Dismantle, electric toothbrush clean carbs
- Rejet and replace broken/missing carb parts
- Clean tank...mostly
- Machine custom foot pegs

What's left to do:

- Shorten the tree catcher signals to a manageable length
- Machine a subtle bracket to place inspection sticker
- Mount a "persuasive utility bar" (crowbar) above the rear plastics for "less-than-observant-and-growing-in-number-idiot-drivers)
- Replace stock gauges with slimline digital if possible
- Paint frame and rear swingarm. NEXT YEAR. I want it blacked out...completely


I need to thank you guys on the forums for helping me get this pig running. Also if ever in western Ny and need parts or help my local shop seems to have all sorts of random bits for this bike. Including the elusive non-bleeder pilot jets....they have a bunch of each size. Canandaigua Motorsports. I have to give them a plug. I went in there and the guys just kept giving me advice, instead of having me bring it in.



"Its something you take apart in 2-3 days and takes 10 years to go back together."


lol. Ninjeff. Ah the recognition of greatness. I have to be honest though, that is a photoshop addition. I did that and the lettering in the back as a mockup for vinyl sizing. Having it printed next week so I can apply it. I was going to paint it, but I'm not that talented, or have enough care....hence the bedliner paint job.

Anybody have any recommendations for an integrated tail light? Really want one but I'm finding a lot for 01+. Not sure if it will work, they look like a much rounder shape.


Where in ny are you? I'm in Watertown.

I am here:


about 5 hours south of you. Rochester. I have family up in Massena though.

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