Small project: Fitting Napoleon bar end mirrors to stock bar ('97)

Started by cjp, July 30, 2012, 05:55:27 PM

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I couldn't find this anywhere, so if its a dupe, sorry about that. I did run across various folks asking how to install bar end mirrors in the stock bars that have the inserts for handlebar weights, and thus don't have room for the mirror plugs, so I thought I'd share how I did it for my wife's '97e.

First off, we took an existing Napoleon mirror, and sheared the insert off with hacksaw and dremel.

Next up, we fill the small inset between the end of the bar and the threaded insert. I did this with 3 rubber washers. They stack up 'just' about a milimeter taller than the inset so you get a tiny bit of compression. I can't recall which sizes I got because it was clear that they didn't have the right diameter, so I just the closest ones:

And trimmed them down a little bit to match the inside diameter of the bar:

Then layed them in place (only one shown so far)

Then you get yourself an allen-wrench capped, M6 1.0x35 screw, to match the existing threading:

Put a little of the blue loctite on the threads to keep it in place against vibration.

And you're good to go.

( scratches not required for optimal performance or fitment )

Hopefully that might save someone some research, so you know there is a easy way to use Napoeon's with out replacing the bar, or trying to drill out the inserts.

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