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06 GS Porject

Started by pliskin, August 28, 2012, 08:32:44 PM

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I'm starting off with a stock 06 GS500F. It's still going to be pretty much stock accept for the shocks and springs. I figured I put up a couple pics of what I'm doing.

The bike

A couple huge melons (from my garden)

Stock springs and spacer top. Sonic .85 and spacer on bottom. Already installed

R6 shock with less the 1k miles had for $25 bucks thanks to a tip on the For Sale/Wanted forum.

Anyway, I'm planning on installing the R6 this weekend if my mounting part comes in. Anyone know how to adjust it? The blue/gold adjustors on top are marked. But, what's the bottom screw? It's marked with S--H and TEN.
Why are you looking here?


I would imagine there is some adjustment with height on the R6 setup but S-H is Soft-Hard and assuming the TEN would be how many settings in between.
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