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Started by datel, March 17, 2012, 08:47:20 AM

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I wanted to get a sealed battery because I never want to deal with battery acid again.  That's what created all the damage to the bike in the first place. 

I wasn't ready to shell out the dough for a Lithium Iron battery this time so I ended up buying a MottoBatt MB10u.   
A couple individuals on this site mentioned they use them and have had good results.    Best price I found was at Impact Battery.  
They had it for $76 but there is a QUADFLEX discount code available to get 7% off. 

It was back-ordered but I got it in a about a week.   It came fully charged and ready.  Cool!    It looks like it may be a little smaller than the original so I'll need to put a little padding in to keep it from knocking around in the battery box.  Other than that it's perfect.  Bright yellow is cooler than boring white or black too.   This may sound like a small deal but I like that the terminals are threaded. 

With the battery in place I can start testing all the connections.

Newbie mistake.  Not everything is as it appears.

The black vinyl cover on the starter lead fooled me at first.  It looks an awful lot like the red cover on the positive battery lead so, of course, I assumed it connected to the negative battery terminal.   Wrong!  After looking at the fiche for the starter it was clear connects to the relay.     

So far:

  • The tail light comes on but one side is brighter than the other.   I assume I have a burned out bulb, I'll have to take it out and check.
  • No brake lights, or perhaps that's why one side of the tail light is brighter than the other.
  • The rear turn signals come on but do not yet blink.
  • The speedometer light is on but not the tach.
  • All the indicators shine on the dash . . . but the oil pressure light shines where the high beam indicator belongs.  Neutral is where the turn signals indicator should be.  I must have put the bulbs into the wrong sockets when I reassembled the gauges.   That will be a job for another day.
  • The horn works great!

This is a lousy pic but it proves we have lift off.

From the rear!
92 GS500e / 73 HD Z90 / . . .


Still working on it:

Front – Lo Beam Pass
Front – Hi Beam  Pass
Front Left Turn Signal Pass
Front Right Turn Signal Pass
Speedo Pass
Tach Fail
High/Low beam Indicator Pass (Sorta)
Turn Signal Indicator Pass (Sorta)
Oil Pressure Indicator Pass (Sorta)
Neutral Indicator Pass (Sorta)
Rear Left Turn Signal Pass
Rear Right Turn Signal Pass
Turn Signal blink Pass
Tail Light Fail
Brake Light – foot Fail
Brake Light – bars Fail
License Plate Light Pass
Starter Pass
Kick Stand switch Pass
Kill Switch Pass
Clutch handle Switch Pass
Coils PassIn fact, for fun I put a temporary gas source on it and it started and ran
92 GS500e / 73 HD Z90 / . . .

Old Mechanic

Taillight is most likely a bad ground on one of the sockets. I had one on my 89 and replaced the sub harness. The ground wire is attached to the side of the socket. You might be able to improve it with a pointed metal tool like a pick. I shaved the plastic off of mine and got it working right, but had the harness coming anyway since something had eaten a lot of the insulation off a couple of wires. Try each bulb by itself and see which one works without the other one in. The bad ground would be on the other socket.


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