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Gs500 - first bike/ first mod.

Started by Pete226, April 01, 2013, 05:38:48 PM

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Hey all, ok this is my first bike and I've been only riding since end of November 2012. I fell in love with my gs500 though from being a 4x4 driver I love to modify my cars and when I saw a modified gs500 last week I knew right then I wanted to make mine into something that would suit me. I've looked around on this forum a little for ideas and so far been amazed how far people have gone with theirs. So now I'm looking for any helpful ideas as I change my gs.

So far I removed the rear plastic around the end of the seat and rear light. I want to add a new led brake/tail just under the seat and see if I can find some led indicators which I can mount closer to the bike, I did see some that came off the number plate which looks good so just have to check if they would be legal here in Queensland, Australia. I have few more ideas and will update as I get a chance.


** since I'm on my phone I can't seem to add pictures yet but will add soon as I get a chance on my laptop**

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