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Answers Needed

Started by breekman, June 01, 2013, 03:19:07 AM

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Alright guys, now i know this topic has been beaten to death from what ive read but I still have just a couple of questions. I've read the Wiki over and over btw.

So Im planning to do the 99+ Katana rear wheel swap. I currently have a Katana that im going to be getting all the parts off of. Only thing is I dont have the washers that I need. I'm not exactly sure what size washers are needed to do this swap. The thread says:
" To fix this problem, I decided to put washers between the sprocket and the sprocket hub to shim it out just under 1/8". Any washer will work, I used 5 (one for each sprocket bolt) of the appropriate size and I measured each one with a caliper to ensure that they were close to the same thickness. I suggest bringing a sprocket bolt to the hardware store to help find the appropriate size. " So I know plenty of ppl have done this mod by now, could any one recall what size washers were used?

Next issue is the brake arm that connects the caliper. I know I can bend the one on my GS with a hammer but i would rather leave that as a last resort. Just because im not mechanically saavy lol. So ive been told i can use the brake arm from the Bandit. But im confused on what size bandit. Ive been told both 600 and 1200 would work. I just dont wanna buy it and it end up not being the right one or getting it and still having to go thru with bending the a brake arm that supposedly should fit.

And should i use the Katana caliper since ill be using the Katana rotor?

Also wanting to use the Katanas front wheel since they match and both tires are M3s in great condition. Front end swap would be nice since I have the whole bike but seems to be way out of my league. Is the front Katana front wheel just a matter of removing and bolting to GS?

One more thing....does anyone have any proven methods of remove the white grime off of chrome rims.

Sorry to go on a rant but im super excited to get these wheels on! Thx :woohoo:

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