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'98 GS500 Project

Started by Sea206, November 11, 2013, 10:24:56 PM

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I'll put up a video of the micron exhaust I got on the bike, sounds like a beast when its going.

I got the ignition lock swapped out with one that has a key.

The right hand controls were also swapped out with a set that actually work, had to shave off some rubber on the end of the grip so the throttle returned normally.

On the home stretch now, need to figure out whether I want a keyless gas cap or find a locksmith that won't charge $$$$$$$ (maybe just $).

Get everything put together, run it for awhile and then some fine tuning will be in order.
Rest in Peace Patrick Lajko


Wow, just saw the pictures of the busted engine, any idea what caused the damage?


A complete lack of oil does some amazingly terrible things to an engine.

If a mod could close this thread, that would be great.
Rest in Peace Patrick Lajko

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