Ebay bar end mirrors, Ebay clip ons, and Ebay blinkers. A review. Pics!

Started by aaronmact, January 08, 2014, 10:05:31 PM

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My turn signals blink super fast and they are integrated on my cbr, never had a problem! I think as long as you are using them the cops are happy lol
I am into buying bikes that people have given up on and fixing them up!

RIP Patrick Lajko, I miss you man.


Huh.. that just seems odd to me. My other blinkers went that fast too and neither of these blinkers are led. I thought it was just normal :icon_question:


I was able to pick up a set of the bar end mirrors for $10.00 shipped off Ebay (guy bought them and did not put them on).  Bought a set of the black levers for $18.00 shipped.  They go good with the black bar end mirrors.  The levers are adjustable for length of pull but I wish they would come even closer to the handle bars.  With gloves on it seems like the brake is a bit of a stretch.

Quality on the mirrors isn't great but they work fine.  Levers are as good as the original.


Alright guys so a little up date. Ended up Swapping out the levers on that brake master cylinder and now it works perfect  :woohoo: Pressure is much better than my previous cylinder. Also all the play is now gone as the stock lever is a snug fit. Main problem I had was my lever struggled to fit at first but with a little persuasion it goes in smoothly. It also had a hard time making contact with the brake switch. But a few wraps with some electrical tape solved that no problem!

Also installed the ebay screw on led license plate lights. And the product is great. Wires are a little small but wow. The pictures do it no justice. That mixed with the R6 tail light ( which I finally got wired correctly) Someone would have to be blind to hit you. Especially at night. The leds in both are practically blinding and really help alert others to your presence on the road. I HIGHLY recommend them. Ill try and get videos up of them if you all would like.

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Quote from: aaronmact on January 19, 2014, 06:19:24 PM
Someone would have to be blind to hit you. Especially at night.

looks good Aaron!! .. but dont trust that the ultra bright tail lights will make you impervious to cager stupidity!!

.. its not so much their vision that causes the general dramas... but their attention level / distractions / general 'goober-ness' ..  :icon_rolleyes:

same as loud exhausts.. or hi vis clothing/vests .. or extra lighting anywhere.... or high dB horns..... they all improve your visibility/audibility/safety a bit .. but do nothing to help the cagers actually know what they doing in the first place!!

its been said that we should "ride like everyone is out there is trying to kill us" .. which is kinda right .. but ..

i prefer .. "ride like everyone around you DOESN'T CARE!! ... till afterwards!" ....them 'caring' after the fact isnt going to help us heal up any faster!! ..  :icon_rolleyes:

:) .. so sure .. be pleased with your lights! .. they do look good!!  :thumb: .. but when you are braking hard to avoid the dickhead that just stopped in front of you or because you nearly missed seeing the red light .. dont think... 'oh its ok.. that guy behind me will see my super bright stop lights and just stop' .. still look for your escape route! .. watch the fools in the mirror while you are stopped .. until they have stopped a safe distance away!...

sorry .. hope you know this already .. i just had a mini-rant wash over me!  ;)


Hahaha Its all good I was busting out while reading it. You almost sound like a MSF instructor :P But yeah Im aware and thanks for all the advice! Just try to emphasize their brightness haha. Whats with the name change btw?


name change?? ...  :confused: ... no name change!?

.. im not a MSF .. just a 'cranky ole bastard' sometimes... when i get warmed up then soon its all "when i were a lad we had to walk across 29 miles of broken glass covered in snow across the side of an erupting volcano.. just to get to the front gate!!"  ;)

of course i make my own errors riding and some of them contradict what i babble on to younger riders about...  :icon_rolleyes: :dunno_black: ..

.. just the perceived 'safety' thing cos of a bike improvement/mod .. when it relies on the awareness of a CAR driver?! ..  :nono:

really i'd rather ride at 3am in the rain in the middle of a whole heap of truck drivers all running late for their delivery timeslot!! .. rather than near a couple cars on a freeway on a lazy perfect summer day!! .. at least the truck drivers 'usually' have better situational awareness!! ..

.. though .. with the last few years of "got my truck licence last week" guys... it may be folly to trust them either!!

... blah de blah .. it were rainin acid and psychopathic octopuses outside our school most days!! .. and all we had to eat was 10 day old fish fillets!! .. blah de blah!!  ;) ;) ;)


hahahahaha and yeah I TOTALLY understand. The car part, not necessarily the beating old and eating fish made of glass or whatever. But my bad I got you and the buddah confused  :dunno_black: Oh well! haha


oh .. ok.. well... Buddha has been known to go off on a tangent also! .. he may be part of my "extended yankee but india/indian grumpy old bastard ranter family" ?

.. mind you he was on this forum for years and years before i landed!


Eh, Ive always seen you to be more prominent on the forum in all honesty. Guess I never paid attention to the names :icon_rolleyes:


ummm .. i babble on more... Buddha was very active when i joined a few years ago... maybe he is having a breather? .. he is the go to guy for carb/jetting bits though ..

im the go to guy for..... ummmm.... for....  :confused: ..... sometimes trying to clarify a confused explanation?! ... yeah that'll do!



Assume that you've put the clip-ons on that way because you prefer them pointing upwards rather than the usual downward slope?
(Swap 'em side to side will give a more normal naturally ergonomic slant downwards - though I haven't seen those actual clip-ons, - the angle varies).
Just a word of caution on aftermarket master cylinders. Hopefully yours work well, but you need the correct the bore and stroke, it can affect braking markedly because they differ in how much fluid is pushed down the line when you pull the lever, -it needs to be matched to the disc/calliper setup.
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Eh I just put em on that way cause they seem right side up with the way its machined. It also just felt more natural, still an aggressive stance but my wrist are still ok with it. Also Im not quite sure how Id match or measure that. Honestly what ever its doing is working great for me. I like the feel this master cylinder gives me. It feels a lot more firm and confident through the entire braking motion then my stock one.


Beam me up Scottie....

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